when you're in the hospital do you let the nurses give you your shots or do you prefer to give them yourself?  and why? 

has anyone had any problems being hospialized with a pump where they said you had to take it off or whatever?

from what i understand from training yesterday, as long as you are able to operate your pump you don't need to take it off unless you're going in for an xray or procedure or something that will damage it. if you are unable to operate it, you are suppose to disconnect and then the nurses can do your insulin, etc.

i've usually done my own shots, even when i was first diagnosed at the age of 6, after they taught me how i started doing my own shots in the hospital. i prefer to do them myself and have even done it when i was still kinda drugged up and coming out of being put to sleep for a procedure. if i can't do it for whatever reason, then i let them..but i can't remember the last time i went in for a procedure and had to let them do that.

I've had 2 surgeries since I went on the pump 3 years ago (1, a total thyroidectomy, and 2, arthroscopic knee surgery).  Both times I kept my pump on during the surgery.  I just gave a nurse a quick 'how to' in case she heard it beeping during the middle of the surgery.  In each case though, they just left it alone and let me deal with my BG when I woke up.  They just monitored my BG and told me what it was when I woke up.

In both cases I had many doctors and nurses come running over to check it out though, as most had no idea there was any such thing as a wireless insulin pump (Omnipod).  They were all excited to see how it worked.


When I was first diagnosed they wouldn't let me do it until the night before I was discharged. But when I was in 3 weeks after that they wouldn't let me do it at all. All they did was ask if I wanted pen or syringe. And I took the pen. There were times when I wish they would've let me do it, but I was so drugged they wouldn't let me. ;(

i work in a hospital, and most of my diabetic patients who have type 2 let me give them their shots, most type 1s and pumpers do it themselves

Nurses always let me.  Sometimes nurses will get the muscle, so I'd rather just do it myself.  They draw it up, but I inject it.

Finger sticks are the things they usually do incorrectly, so I usually use my own finger poker.  Theirs are disposable and poke really deep, so they really hurt.  Plus they like to get the tip of the finger where all the nerve endings are, not the part that you are supposed to poke.  Double whammy!