How are y'all doing in quarantine?

During this pandemic I’ve been really bummed out having to stay at home. Im not enjoyung this new normal, I’m slowly becoming a couch potato. And my schools were closed for the rest of the year and I’m EXTRA bummed.

How are y’all doing during this time?

Some days are good; some aren’t! On the good days, I keep a normal routine and replace work with chores around the house and yard. And I’m re-reading some favorite books. Exciting, hub? But doing something keeps me a bit more positive. On the not so good days, my routine limps along, and then I admit that it’s a bad day. I lay low, “enjoy” being a couch potato, and eventually it passes. But I also have more time to pay attention to the diabetes and to think more like a pancreas. And my glucose levels are better. Stay in touch with friends and family. Email, Facebook, texting, Face Time and phone calls are decent ways to stay connected until we can resume what we like. Good luck, and take good care.

I’m actually still working, I know I’m taking a big risk but I can’t afford not to work. It really is a dilemma. My wife can work from home but I have to go out Monday to Friday.

That’s a hard choice, and I respect you for taking the necessary risk. Stay well!

Hey. Time to start dreaming big about what you want to experience. Make it exciting and start putting plans in place to achieve it. It’s tough being quarantined. My out is building and focusing there. Always.

Hanging in there. I’m a high introvert, so while I have been reaching out and calling friend and relatives, being at home doesn’t bother me. I was actually at home job hunting even prior so for me is meant not running out every time I think of something else I need from the store - I consolidate my shopping trips now instead. Spending time with hubby and our fur baby, and decided to learn to crochet - am nearly finished my first mask​:tada::blush::grin: and will make a couple more. Am learning to do my own nails, and an experimenting with trimming my own hair. On that front, I started off scared, gathered my cottage and have set the clipper guides progressively shorter with no odd looks from my husband; and have gotten really bold and am cutting the back with scissors and no mirror - just took a few shots an hour ago… Okay, that’s a bit insane but it grows fast, I can always wear a scarf, and not too many people are going to notice anyway :grinning:. I guess that’s progress but I’m not sure. Just making the best of things.