How did you deal?

I've been a T1 for about 8 years now and every time I get in a relationship I neglect to tell the guy that i'm a diabetic I feel like the only time I have to tell them is if we plan on having babies, l.o.l. Which isn't ever the plan, so the time never came. But... Now theres this long time, forgotten twice guy whom might possibly become the one for babies. ha ha. Any who so, he knows I'm a diabetic but he doesn't know nothing about it because it was something I didn't share when we dated. So does anyone have any type of advice on how to break it down. It's something i dread in any possible relationship. I typically would be like yea I have a disease. But now it'll be like I have a disease that could possibly put our future kids in danger, of having it as well. Does anyone else get what i'm trying to say? Maybe it's just me.  

i think if you break it down to the simplest terms, he will be very understanding of it. and you will be happy to know the chance of passing on diabetes to your children is actually fairly low. someone posted something about it on another thread, and it's something like less than 10%. lots of women on here have had children. if you are worried about it, you can talk with them.

by "simplest terms" i just mean giving him the basics. if he wants more information, he will ask you. you can also point him to informational websites like  or you can briefly explain to him that your immune system saw your insulin cells as "bad" so it killed them. because of that, you now have to take shots (or wear a pump - whatever you do). insulin is what break downs the food you eat, so without insulin the food sugars just build up in your blood, making you feel sick. those are the very basics. you can answer his questions if he has any :o)

good luck to you! it's not as scary as it sounds talking with someone you care about. he might be interested in what diabetes is, how it affects you, and how he can help. it's just taking that first step to talk to someone about it. this might even make it easier for you to talk to others about diabetes as well. :o) let us know how it goes!

Well...honesty is the most important thing in a relationship to need to simply tell him the truth about your diabetes.  There have been so many advancements with Type 1 that many things are possible these days.  If childbearing isn't in your future, there are so many children out there who need and deserve good homes!  Just be honest!  I am sure that he has heard about diabetes since it is becoming so much more prevalent.  The biggest/hardest part might be distinguising for him the difference between Type 1 and Type 2.  Good Luck!