How did you lose weight?

This is sort of my last resort. I figure that because I'm type 1 diabetic, my body doesn't lose weight the same way a non-diabetic's would. I'm assuming that is why as long as I'm on insulin (um, the rest of my life), I will be unable to lose weight.

I have tried everything. I know we hear that a lot, but really. I have.

Diabulimia (unwittingly)- I simply didn't take care of myself. Didn't check sugar, guessed at carbs, etc. Um, not healthy. I grew up and realized  I wanted to live a long life. So that was not an option and luckily, did not last long. Unfortunately, it was the happiest I've every been as far as my weight goes. Go figure. (No pun intended).

Weight Watchers- Worked up to a certain point, but I was unable to reach the number I wanted to. It was around this time I began to realize that if I was taking less insulin, I would lose weight. (Yeah, I know. No brainer).

Exercise- Gym membership. 5-6 days a week (yes, really). Did this for 3 months.  Minimum of 1 hour workout (elliptical, treadmill, weights) on each gym day. I actually gained weight! Watched what I was eating. Experienced a few lows, but never over-treated. I tracked every dang thing I put in my mouth! Was eating 1300/day and not cheating!  I got very frustrated at this point and decided to see a dietician.

Dietician- She told me I wasn't eating enough and bumped me up to 1500/day. I gained more weight. My RN decided to test my thyroid. Found that I am starting to show signs of hyperthyroidism. RN said you only gain weight if you overeat. I DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!

Low Carb- Okay, I admit I haven't been following Dr. Bernstein exactly. But I have cut back on carbs. Over the course of 2 weeks, I have been eating less than 100 gms of carbohydrate each day. I am working on my basal rates so I don't get lows and need to eat more.

Here's the thing: I am 29. My husband and I are starting to talk about conceiving a baby. My doctor would prefer that I lose a few pounds before I get pregnant so that I can gain a safe amount during the pregnancy. I need to lose 10-15 lbs (like everyone else, right)? I  want to know what type 1s have done (SPECIFICALLY with insulin) to lose weight. Obviously the above things are not working for me, though I will continue to try the low carb. How much insulin do you take each day? How much and what do you eat? PLEASE!!!!

OMG! This is my story exactly! I have been as low as 140 lbs and as high as 190 lbs, but to get to 140, I had to eat 800 calories or less per day and exercise an hour per day. Now I am back up to 160 (at my dietician's advice to eat more and cover all my nutrients necessary for pre-pregnancy. She also told me that increasing my calories would help me lose weight..not true!). In any case, if your doc approves you to eat 800 calories, it works. But it's really hard to maintain and as soon as you start to eat normally, pounds pour back on. I am now approved to try for pregnancy, even if putting on 20 - 30 pounds for the baby puts me way over where I want to be, weight-wise. I hope to take it off through breast feeding!

Oh, during my 140 lbs and dieting, I took 40 units of total insulin per day, and ate cereal, a 300 calorie lunch and a 300 calorie dinner. I also carefully tracked everything, kept my A1c below 7.0, and exercised like mad. Someday I'll get back to my ideal weight, but for now, getting ready to host a little alien is ok by me and my doc.

Good luck! If you find the magic formula, let me know!

I lost 30 lbs last year using It was great -- it made me enter all my food and exercise, and told me if I was going to go over that day's goals.

With T1, it took me longer to loose weight -- slower than I wished. I'd be frustrated when I went low and had to treat with extra calories. But, little by little I did it.

Unfortunately, 5 lbs are creeping back on, lol. Started getting back to the exercise again this week. :P

I have had the same issues as well. I have 2 children ages 12 and 13. I stayed the same weight after pregnancy for 10 consecutive years and only as recent as the last year I have began to gain any weight about 34 pounds to be exact and I as well feel like no matter what I do it just won't go away. 90% off my gain is also in the stomach region. I wish us all the best of luck!