How do fruit to go bars affect you?

So since i was diagnosed i have been avoiding fruit to go bars because on the back of the wrapper it says there is alot of sugar in them. i wasnt sure as to how they would affect me and didnt want to try it in case the sugar hit me all at once. so i was wondering, does a fruit to go bar affect you like juice would, or slower like eating an apple or something. i was wondering if anyone could clear me up on this haha. thanks!

I'm in New Zealand, so the closest food we have here is probably fruit bars... they are about 12 - 15g of carb per bar. Because they are made of fruit, and are nice and soft, I use them when treating lows. They are smaller and easier to carry around than a juice box, although they are a bit slower to work. I use them when out and about, or when I need something reasonably fast, but not too fast, like juice :)