How do I sell my Animas Vibe?

Hi everyone!
So- I have been using Animas since I started wearing a pump about 8 years ago.
I am wearing my still warrantied Animas Vibe which works with Dexcom G4 Platinum CGM.
I JUST got my Medtronic 630G and moving to the 670G end of June! So excited!!
My Animas is still under warranty, its only like 2 years old.
Its of no value to Medtronic nor Animas.
Surely for the price I paid ($6,000.ish) it has value to someone.
I also have supplies.
Any thoughts??
TIA :slight_smile:

hi @Fingerprints1971,

in my opinion, you are in grey water, because depending on where you live, that pump may have required a prescription. If the pump required a prescription, you may not be allowed to sell it in the US, even if you paid in full. When I think of potential liability…(infection, injury, death) that a person who paid you money for your pump and then was subsequently injured…my head starts to hurt.

one thing to do would be to check with hospitals/medicare. Medicare routinely re-issues used pumps.

Sounds good to me Joe! Thank you! Ill keep it as back-up.

I’ve seen pumps for sale on Ebay.

I lost my Vibe in the Atlantic Ocean and it was out of warranty and Animas is doing nothing to help me now that they are shutting down. And my insurance doesn’t cover the 670g yet so I need a Vibe to hold me over while I work this out. How much are you asking?