How do I?

I was wondering how do I make myself take better care of myself? I am constintly running A1C's of right around 9.0. I know of all of the complications that can happen to me with always running high blood sugars. I will do good for awhile and then I will start to slack off on taking my blood sugars. It's not like I just say ehhh not gonna do it right now, I almost don't even think about. So, I was just wondering if there was anyway that people have tried that has made it so they would "remember" to take their blood sugars. Thanks!

have your tester with you at all times.then maybe it will remind you to and if that doesnt work, put little notes reminding you in places you will see it a lot. and if that doesnt work, make a little schedule with times you want to test and if you test at those times every day of the week, reward yourself with something that you wouldnt usualy have.


I struggle with this same issue. I am good for about a month and then go back to my old forgetting ways. The only thing that helps is always writing stuff down. I used to carry a small notepad and carry it everywhere for li ke two years. I was in the best health during that time.

HMMM maybe theres the ticket lol

All right those both sound lik good ideas! I'll try them out. Thanks

     You just kinda have to train yourself to get in the habit of keeping an eye on things.  I've been diabetic for 35 years almost.  One of the biggest helps is keeping records( - it makes your doctor happier, too).  I think that being in better control helps with your confidence levels too.  After a while of making a point to keep a closer eye on your diabetes, it just becomes habitual, just something you do.

It is all about developing good habits and remaining consistant.

Denial does not work. 

I would rather know my sugars before taking insulin/food because being too high or too low is always uncomfortable!

You wouldn't put gas in your car if it is already full?  Driving with an empty tank is not smart either.

Being on a pump is helpful because it asks for your BS level before insulin is pumped. 

I used to forget nearly all the time when I was on shots, but since I’ve been on the pump things have changed for me. I get a much better sense of satisfaction when I get good levels; it's kind of like a game! I'm not sure how long it will last, but for now I seem to be working hard. Guess it was just the change in routine that kick started my good habits.

It looks like you have a beautiful baby in your arms.  Think of your family and yourself and it is never to late to start taking care of yourself.  Diabetes is part of your everyday life.  It isn't easy sometimes but the drive has to come from within you.  I am a nurse and I get to see all the ugly complications from this disease.  I see 20 year olds with dentures, blind, lost limbs, erectile dysfunctions, shot kidneys and all that stuff.  If you think diabetes is bad try taking on all that crap. It happens and it builds up from years of not taking the best care you can.  Set your watch for your check times and just do it.  It's not going away anytime soon and your family loves you. You can do it!

A little bit of an update from me.... I have been doing better this week as far as checking my blood sugars, now I have been getting some low readings while at work so i'm trying to tackle that challenge~


It sounds like you need to readjust your insulin level.  It is not always a standard intake of insulin.  You should try to track your activities especially if work is physical.

Did you say you are on the pump?



Yes, I am on a Minimed Pump, and I will be getting their CGMS in a couple of months!