How do we start?

It's extremely hard to start projects on your own.

What do you guys think we can do to spark knowledge (and even raise a little money) in our hometowns?



How big is your town? 

We have about 37,000 people here. We contacted the nearest chapter of the JDRF, and while we don't have 'official' status, we run a 'JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes' event that raises $20-$30 thousand a year, with about 250 walkers.  My wife and I have also started speaking and doing presentations at schools.

There's also that *cough* Cyclebetes thing... ;o)


I think it is great that you are looking into this.  I had sent a couple of emails to my local chapter of JDRF last year and never got anything back... But I was less motivated to reaching out last couple years, as new parent and new home responsibilities were weighing a bit more heavily.  I called our local chapter and left a message about volunteering - I'd like to do something - either part time or maybe even meet with some of the new DX folks around...  Nobody's called me back but I'm beginning to wonder if they recognize me from here, LOL!

I'd be curious to see notes from you on your travels as you get more involved and I will try to do the same...



Okay - quick update - I got a call back yesterday and talked to the office manager about maybe spending some time with some of the newly dx'd in the area via the JDRF "Bag of Hope" program.  She said she'd have the person responsible for that get in touch with me...

I'll keep adding updates...




Although I wasn't affiliated with any particular group at the time, when I was a child through my teen years, my endocrinologist asked me to meet with new juvenile diabetics to discuss what it is like being type I.   This wasn't really volunteering for a specific program, but I made some great friends with whom I still keep up.  It's a small way you can help--just meet, greet, chat about life. 


JDRF has a bag of hope program that sounds like it may be a more formalized version of that....  I talked to them today and it sounds like they'll be in touch.  I think it'll be nice to get out in the world and deal with some of the people who are looking at this from the early stages and connect with them.  As I hear more, and get more information, I'll let ya'll know...



oh thanks i was wondering about that, we have something like that in my local area.

Next update:

They called me a couple of weeks ago to see if I wanted to help at an event (first phone call since my last post on this subject).  Unfortunately, my boss was out of town and my son's school had an event - by the time I got child stuff sorted and approval for the day off, they didn't need me.  I guess they're kinda' over booked for help - which makes me sorta' happy and sad, I guess...



We are currently trying to start two fundraising/awareness projects here in our town.  We are going to hold a 'Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes' at our son's school, and we are also planning on selling the JDRF paper sneakers in the grocery stores and pharmacies here in town.  Both of these programs are run through our nearest JDRF chapter and they have been extremely helpful!

If anyone else has any ideas for projects please share.  We would love to hear of other ways to help find a cure!