How do you count carbs?

I was wondering how do you guys count carbs? do you have a website that you use? maybe an ipod app? i would like some orientation please





we have labeling laws that require packaged goods to have the nutrition information (including carbohydrates) on them. for most of us, we can just look at the packaging, determine how much we are eating, and how many carbohydrates are in that serving.

however, not all foods have labels on them (fresh foods like meat, fruits, veggies, etc.). i use to help me count carbohydrates when i'm eating out or eating a food without a nutrition label. i have heard there are also applications for smartphones you can use to help you. i'm sure there are other websites you can use as well. calorie king is one i trust to have accurate information.


I have an iphone app that is called "GoMeals".  It is linked to Calorie King and I have found it to be very useful.  Oh, and it is a FREE app  too!

Good luck!


Carlos, I can have 60 carbs per meal and I read the labels and round off to 15 carbs. I try to familiarize myself with as many foods as possible by reading labels even if I am not going to eat it. Big key is to watch the serving sizes that is what will get you. The calorie king is a great site and I keep the guide book for eating out with me all the time. Educate yourself as much as possible and you will have great success. Good luck.

Read food labels.  Pay attention to serving size.  Eat no more than the serving.  Ask the restaurant for the nutritional information.

I read a lot of labels.  My D clinic also put together a booklet of all the most common foods eaten and how many carbs there are per serving size.  This is very helpful on those fresh items.  At work I have a nutrition website bookmarked and use that if I'm unsure of anything.  It allows you to input the amount/size you are eating.  For example, and entire orange vs. 1 cup of orange wedges.  Then it also lets you pick the size of the orange by diameter. 

pretty much what everyone has said. carb counting sucks but we all have to do it. Where i find i have the most problems is when i think i know how many carbs are in something when really i don't. I never know carbs as well as i think i do and 9 times out of 10 i'm usually off. i have learned my lesson (many times over) and unless i'm 100% sure i always check. a little extra work always seem to make life easier. 


I have been a diabetic since before 1968, T1 since 1971, and on multiple injections a day until my pump 4 years ago.  It is a beautiful thing compared to 5 injections/day.  My A1c has been in the 6.2 to 7.0 range with the pump, higher toward the end of the injection period.

I use the box side for carbs and serving size.  I use Novo Nordisk's "Carb Counting and Meal Planning" pamphlet and the Calorie King's food product catalog booklet  ( "Calorie FAT & Carbohydrate Counter" that came with my pump from Medtronic for restaurants, beer, and other stuff.  If I am not certain about the carbs, then I set my pump to alarm me after two hours to check my blood glucose.  Using the pump's computer, I then determine if added bolus is needed at that time.  Over time I have remembered the carbs for serving size and leave more than one serving on the plate or take it home when eating out.

However, one needs to be careful with the bolus calculation as the algorithim by Medtronic has lead to too much insulin given with the insulin already on board.  I  look at the result of the computed calculations to ensure that I do not give myself more insulin than is really needed.

Also, restaurant websites when I eat out b/c a lot of the books like calorie king only have major chains. More and more local chains have nutrition info online.

THE PLASTIC DISPOSABLE CUP... is my best friend when it comes to carb counting, I used to weigh everything and it took over my life, now wherever I am, I always has access to a disposable cup,you just start out your own database of what you eat and measure it by the cup,

1 cup of cooked pasta =30 grams Carb

1 cup of cooked rice = 30 grams Carb

1 cup of cooked potato = 30 grams Carb

1 cup of cornflakes = 30 grams

1 average size fruit   = 15 grams Carb get the picture,  soon you won't even need a cup you can just see the food on the plate and guess correctly how many grams of carbs your eating, good luck it gets easier :)


You definitely learn to just eyeball... You learn how many carbs are in a cup of most everything, and then just figure it out in your head. I remember when I first was diagnosed I met with a dietician and she had some awesome visual flash cards that told me how many carbs were in "basic" things (rice, carrots, a slice of bread).

I hate most carb iPhone apps because they have 100s of options for bread. Is it stoneground organic multi-grain? Or is it whole-wheat Trader Joe's generic? If I know specifically what kind of bread it is, I can also probably find a label for it and just read exactly the carbs.

So. For more general carb counting skills (like eyeing a pile of rice or pasta) I actually have only recently been into.... "Carb Counting with Lenny". Now, don't laugh, it's for kids. It's a lion that shows you how to count carbs:-/ I just love that it makes it SIMPLE. I don't want hyper specific, nested directories with literally thousands of listings. I want quick and dirt easy.

Has anyone found something similar  to below that isn't, ahem, juvenile? 

bahahaha. i wish i had an iphone/android phone so i could use that app. if they just get rid of the cute little lion it would be more adult :o)

I use my fingers...when I run out of them, I use my toes. I cannot count to above 20 carbs

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I use my fingers...when I run out of them, I use my toes. I cannot count to above 20 carbs


... even though you should. :op