How do you deal with dx anniversary do you celebrate of ignore?

I was thinking of having a little celebration on my daughters 1 year anniversary of diagnosis. she is 4 and having a hard time emotionally with the whole diabetes thing. So I was thinking of maybe a little party complete with treats ie cake and decorations her d-versary is the day before world diabetes day so maybe celebrate both. Is this weird or what give me your opinions?

Well, I don't have children so not the best source but, I think if I were her that would be fun and would probably help out with my feelings about it and living with it.  Show that it is okay and she doesn't have to think negatively about it.

personally, i have a tendency to not acknowledge my anniversary, though i won't say ignore it. i was dxd dec 23... right before christmas. it's been almost 20 years, so i think about it less and less. i don't celebrate it because i don't view it as something worth celebrating, however that's simply my opinion. even though she's only 4, it's definitely not too young to get her into some therapy. there are child therapists specializing in chronic illness, so don't be afraid of trying to help her that way. in my opinion, rather than making a big deal out of diabetes just one day a year--make it a good experience for her every day. she's only 4, so the things you do now she may not remember once she's older.

good luck! i hope things perk up for her :o)

My daughter was diagnosed on her 13th birthday so it is always in the back of our minds on her day. She thinks of it as a little black spot on her birthday but doesn't allow it to ruin the day.

Christopher was dx on June 30, 2008.  Just by luck on his first anniversary, the East TN JDRF chapter had their awards celebration dinner for our local Walk to Cure Diabetes. We went to that and he got to receive the award for the team. It took every effort for me not to just bawl. After that we went to Dairy Queen and got ice cream. Christopher said it was a great day.


I totally  think you should celebrate with cake and the whole kit and kaboodle! It would make your child feel good and instead of dreading the day you are going to party it up d-style. Just make sure you count the carbs! haaha 

Clay's 1 year anniversary for his dx was this past Saturday, June 27th.  We all went out to eat and came back home to have cupcakes and swim to celebrate.  He really liked us making a big deal out of it and was calling it "his special day."  I guess each kid is different but for Clay it really seemed to work.

I don't think it's weird. My mom and dad had a celebration for me. It wasn't really a party. It was more like a family get-together.

I don't celebrate.  I'm not even sure what the date was.  Like someone else said, it's not something I think is celebration worthy.  I never celebrated for Nick either.  I'm not sure what his date was either.  Sometime in mid December 1992, that's all I know.

For a little kid it might be good though.  I dont' know, if you think it's a good idea to do for your kid, then it probably is, and by all means do it!  Have fun!

its going to be 1 year for me in a week! its the day before school starts this year.

I acknowledge it. Neither celebrate nor ignore it. It's there - but that's it.

I don't celebrate, but I look back and remember that day and think about how much I've grown up since then. That one day so much changed and it's unbelievable that I can't remember life now with out having diabetes.

It's going to be 12 years on Sept. 18th. wow

Mine is Christmas day, so I'm usually too pre-occupied with holiday stuff to do much about it.

For me, it's really just a quiet, relaxed day of reflection. I don't throw a party, make a cake - or anything, but I don't sit there and mourn the day I was introduced to diabetes.

i was diagnosed in june.I don't remember the which day. I really don't want to celebrate it or ignore it. I just don't really think about it I barely remember when my birthday comes and goes let alone when my d-day is.

OK. I'm a dork and didn't read the first post to begin with, so my other two posts were no help at all. But here's what I should have posted first :D


No, I don't think that's weird - especially because she's a kid. The diabetics kids I know? I always try to show them a way to be happy about living with diabetes, whether I tell them they're like a super hero, point out that Darth Vader is in fact diabetic, too, or help them celebrate their diagnosis date.

OK. Personally, I don't do anything for my diabetes "birthday." But the one-year mark, when I was 12, my parents and family did show me that it wasn't so bad. We spent that significant day together, but we didn't really throw a party or anything. We looked back on the past year, stood in awe of how quickly those 365 days flew bye, and just enjoyed being in one anothers company. I think we were all thankful, especially to have the worst behind us, look forward to hopefully easier days, and the fact that everything did turn out alright. So, in a nutshell, I don't see a single thing wrong with celebrating it. In my opinion, that's how to jump-start kids in positive-thinking about diabetes; something to celebrate, not mourn.