How do you deal with Thanksgiving and Christmas and all that food?

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up soon. Do you eat low carb? Do you just eat and bolus for everything? 

I'd love to hear everyone's views.

I'm not a big "sweets" person and we tend to just eat what we want and bolus for carbs consumed.   Also - whatever goes for those of us with type 1 in our house, goes for everyone.

Of course, that tends to be what we do on most days in our house.   We eat pretty healthy, and I try not to let carb counts be a barrier for daughter (age 8) in any aspect of her life.  For me... I'd just as soon have an extra helping of salad than a piece of cake or pie.  So it tends not to be an issue.

I eat and bolus all day long. I try to be controlled but, it never happens that way lol I think this year since i have the cgm i will be able to see how the food actually affects me and m aybe i will be better but then again maybe not lol I love food especially thanksgiving food its my favorite. JUST GIVE ME A dish of sides with a side of sides lol  I dont need any meat lol

We just do everything as usual for the most part.  I do change a few little things, like using Splenda and such, but I don't want to be too restrictive with food.  In the interest of trying to have a healthy diet, I can replace oil with applesauce in baking, keep fruits and veggies on hand for munching, etc. 

I don't like sweets too much either, and usually we always have one or two fruit and splenda options. (I really don't like pie, so that's not difficult to pass up.)  But for the rest of the carbs, I just bolus as usual. 

I eat until I can't eat any more and spend my day playing bolus-roulette.  Generally I fare pretty well, though I am still gettting used to the pump and trying to pick up any tips the veteran crowd has to offer...

For me portion control is a must... so I skip the sweets (I don't like them much anyway).  I eat plenty of turkey and salad, and control the rice, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc. so I can know how much carbs I'm eating.  To be honest with you, I treat Thanksgiving like any other day, except for the fact that I may have seconds later on during the day (we eat our meal in the afternoon, long story).  Also, I never cook anything with Splenda since it gives my dad and me digestive problems, if you know what I mean, so if I do eat sweets they're made with real sugar, so I'll eat the dessert a couple of hours after the main meal.

However, everyone is different, but this is what works for me :)

Have a happy thanksgiving!!!!!!

I go to my grandma's and even though both my grandpa and I have diabetes, she doesn't make anything with splenda. Sometimes I'll make something low sugar that my grandpa and I can eat. At Christmas it's more of a snacking thing, so then I eat luch before I go. If I do want to eat, I'll do a square wave bolus so I can snack on stuff.

eat and bolus!  i usually check a lot more, but pass the turkey!

I'm not big on sweets, but i do like the carbs, so i check my blood, eat and bolus, but i will also check 2 hours after i am done eating to make sure i did enough insulin.

There are times at these things when I want to eat again, but then I sometimes end up stacking the boluses and then getting low.

I just eat and bolus and check a little more often. I am normally high or low by the end of it but it's only two days a year so I don't worry to much. plus alot of the stuff I eat is low carb like turkey and salad so it's all cool

My son, Bryan 12, wears a pump so we just bolus as he eats. I don't know how much he will eat so we just bolus for a couple foods as he goes. It can be a little difficult since he's eating so much but we test him in a couple hours afterwards and we're usually on target. :)   If not, he just boluses again. It can be tricky tho, since then he wants pie!!!! I just don't expect things to be perfect. Anything with fat in it makes him go high later, like cheese, eggnog, etc.

bolus before i eat

2008 Thanksgiving will be my fourth Thanksgiving after being diagnosed with diabetes, and I plan on eating like I always do every other Thanksgiving, eat a whole lot.  I try not to take too much insulin during the meal.  I jus keep taking small amounts every hour or so and check my sugar constantly.  The reason I do this is because I do not want to have to eat a second big meal if I get low!  It is probably not good for my health, but since I am an athlete and can burn food fast, it will be fine haha.  Gotta love that turkey drumstick and pumpkin pie with cool whip!!!!!

I have not gone through a big holiday with diabetes yet. This Thanksgiving will be my first and I'm not going to lie...I'm extremely nervous about it. I loveeeee to eat and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but I know it won't be the same anymore. :(

haha Blous-Roulette! I love it- I'm stealling your verb-age for my own personal use during the holidays!

I usually taste everything, unless it's out of control high carb. I will eat lots of turkey and veggies, have a small bit of potatoes and stuffing, and a small slice of pie. I'm hosting it and it's easier for me to control that way. :)