How do you explain a CGM to a small child?

Just trying to get ideas on this. I’ve had a Dexcom for almost 2yrs now. So many people are curious and ask about it. Easy to explain, unless I get the people who don’t really know what type 1 is.

Anyway, I have small nieces and nephews. They ask me what it is, I usually just say “It’s band-aid.” But, I would really like to explain it to them in a simple way they can understand.

How do you explain your CGM?

I usually tell people it measures my blood sugar, then show them the graph on the receiver so they see how it’s tracking my BG in real time. Not sure if small children will understand, but that’s my explanation to most people.

in my opinion, i would just tell your young relatives that “Its a CGM”. The point is that no matter how you tell them, the younger ones will still not understand unless they are ready to understand. As they mature and gather experience, they may ask you about it again, or in a different way. If they do, just answer them. They are learning at their own pace.

my 6 year old tests my blood sugar, he thinks it’s “fun”. He sees my pump, cgm, infusion sites, etc. He ignores most of my tech. When he asks me a question I just answer him plainly. What he doesn’t get, goes over his head - but he knows I’ll answer anything he asks me and that’s all I want for him.

@AngieDean i actually do the same thing but now i am starting to tell people that it is just a medical device.