How Do You Feel When You Are Low

Hi All!

My son is only 17 months so he can't tell me...and I have just been wondering.  How does low blood sugar make you feel?  I guess I would also wonder how high makes you feel?

We are still figuring this out & he is frequently above 300 & yesterday was 500 once, but then he will also be 40's at times.   So I wonder how often he is feeling crummy!

I try to read his signals...acting sleepy & not interest in play, but sometimes he is acting just fine & when I check him he is low???

Thanks for sharing!



shaky, sweaty, dizzy, confused, giddy, hungry, i act & feel almost as though i'm drunk



nauseas, thirsty, grumpy, tired/lethargic, sick - almost flu-like (if i have ketones)



if he has a lot of lows, he may not feel them as much. it's called hypoglycemic unawareness. because he is so young, you will probably not know unless you test. as he gets older, he will learn to verbalize to you how he is feeling. poor little guy. good luck! :o)

Low:  Shaky, cold sweats, hungry, boisterous, and confused

High:  irritable, lethargic, down, thirsty

When my blood sugar is low I get cold sweats, I am shaky, confused, sad, I drool, my tongue becomes numb, sometimes I don't feel the sympotms at all and I just pass out.

When my blood sugar is high I am mad, more aggressive, sad, thirsty, and just don't feel well pretty much everywhere.

My daughter so far

Low: hungry weak and shaky

High: she grows horns and turns into demon child in other words she gets mad at the world and hyper. She bounces off the walls.

Hi Debbi.

I can't tell you first-hand what highs or lows feel like, but I've been where you are now. Brandan was diagnosed at 12 months old. I remember the challenge of learning between "normal" baby/toddler behavior and symptoms. I checked him everytime he had a fit. When he was thirsty I always wondered if he was just thirsty or had high BG. Was he just tired. Was he just ill.

You might have heard it already, but it gets easier. :) Brandan is 3 now and I can sometimes just look at him amd know that his BG is high or low. You'll learn your son's symptoms and signals sooner than you think. But, we're not mind readers and sometimes there will be no way to know. Don't beat yourself up when you check him for a meal and get an unexpected low or high number.

I also started telling Brandan when his sugar is high, low or just right so that he understands the difference in the way he feels. He is pretty good about letting me know now.

Good luck, you're already doing great!