How do you like your Medtronic Minmed Insulin Pump

I have heard bad and good things about Medtronic Pumps what do you guys think about the pump and their business?

Different people have different preferences. Medtronic customer service is excellent. I’ve used their pump 12 years and have always had a good experience with getting information and even loaner and replacement pumps.

They are the tried and true company that most medical professionals are familiar with, so they look old school and were created in the age of pagers, where the newer tSlims are modeled after smart phones. If you can, try demos and look at youtube videos to get a sense for the different pumps and your needs. Then just pick one and enjoy the flexibility and improved control you have compared to shots.

I agree with Jennagrant …I used Medtronic for years and never had any problems…excellent reliable device as we’ll as customer service. I switched to Omnipod because I was tired of using tubing and love not being connected to the tubing and also like using the built in meter which looks like a smartphone. They have plus and minus points with all pumps! Demo a few before making a decision to determine which that feels comfortable for you. My previous insurance did not cover Omnipod so make sure your insurance covers your pump!


I am a creature of habit – 22 years with medtronic. Good and bad – there are MANY choices out there but only medtronic has a CGM that reads directly with the pump. Most of my friend use Amimas (sp>>) or the new t-slim. see if you can test them all before spending a lot of money.

I have the new 530G , but they are coming out with a new model next year…

It’s a tough call - - not bad as a PUMP but the CGM ENLITE is a bit frustrating at times.



I have used the Medtronic pumps for over 20 years and recommend the product, the company, and have never had an issue that was not or could not be resolved. I don’t know about “liking” my pump but I do know it has greatly improved as well as simplified my life. They continue to improve their product and technology and are on the cutting edge. And my own experience with customer services is 5 star.

Do call on all of the available reps in your area Josie, and ask for demos and such. There are a lot more options today, so try them all. Good luck to you!

there are MANY choices out there but only medtronic has a CGM that reads directly with the pump.
Not strictly true any longer now that Animas is now starting to ship their Vibe which integrates Dexcom G4 CGM monitoring into the pump. And I think later this year Tandem Diabetes will ship their version of a Dexcom integrated pump, the t:slim G4.

Medtronic pumps have been solid enough for me, but their CGM sensor technology is less special from what I’ve read & experienced. Dexcom is pushing connectivity innovations by incorporating Bluetooth into their product. I don’t think this is even on Medtronic’s radar.

It will be interesting to see how this develops.


Thank You for all of your comments, I really appreciate it! Do any of you guys know about the Animas or Omni Pod? If you guys do you anything are they good or bad references? No matter what they are can you please just give me some information.

The customer service is not the best at Medtronic!!

hi josie_06,

I am really not sure what you are looking for. there are good and bad “stories” about every single company on the new york stock exchange.

there will always be someone with a bad experience with animas, minimed, omnipod, T-slim, or whatever. for me, all of the pumps available have been tested in accordance with FDA on medical devices, and deemed safe for it’s intended use when used in accordance with the instructions, meaning in my opinion, they all work and so it’s less important to pick the “best” instead of just picking one you like.

I have used minimed for 10 years and they are okay, decent customer service, good pump for me. Hope you find what you are looking for.

Joe, the customer is not the best. My sister is trading hers this year.

hi bailey, you can find horror stories from every single relevant pump manufacturer if you look: minimed, animus, omnipod, etc. i have never had a problem with minimed customer service in 10 years, pls tell your sister i said good luck with the trade!

Well my sister has problems there and it gets so annoying but thanks for the information

After being diagnosed with type one in February, I was off injections and on the pump by April. I love my pump mainly because it helps me prevent lows or treat them quicker. I also like the peace of mind of auto suspend during the night.

I’ve used Medtronic for 15 years and just switched over to a tandem pump a little less then a month ago. I loved my Medtronic pump but I feel I made the right choice, for me switching. It is true some of it has to do with appearance but a lot also has to do with durability. I actually broke a Medtronic by exercising with it and my sweat broke the pump, just not very water proof. I like that it looks a little more modern and so is easy to hide. The sets are also not specific to the company (the minimeds you can only use there sets). I also feel they’re a company that is more responsive to customer suggestions for improvements. I also feel it gives you a little more flexibility with less thought. Everything said I loved my Medtronic, I thought it was a great beginner pump and I always got good customer service from them. But I’m also glad I switched over and feel that my tandem pump will accomadate changes in my lifestyle a lot more than others. I say just really research before you make a decision. With my change I definately did a good, neutral, and bad list for each pump I looked at and it definatly depends on you as an individual.

I have been using the Medtronic Pump with CGm for a little over 6 months. In the beginning I did not like it, but my A1c changed from 12.1 to 8.7 and then to 7.7. Once I got used to using the pump I have adjusted.

My sister go the Animas pump instead of the Medtronic pump!! She loves the Animas pump way better than the Medtronic pump, the only thing that She does not really like about it, is you have to keep on filling up the insulin cartridge because it only has a 200 unit cartridge instead of the 300 units cartridge.