How do you maintain your bloodsugar when you play baseball?

Hey guys its Dman99,

I was just wondering how you maintain your bloodsugar when you play baseball?

Hey Everybody,


I dont know about baseball, but here's a link to a Type 1 diabetic college football player, you could definitely ask him what steps to take to keep your blood sugar up during sports!

Ryan - Type 1 Diabetes & College Football



Hi Dman99-

Are you on shots or a pump?  I would assume if you were on a pump you would take it off.  Either way - I grew up playing ball and have played in adult leagues here and there more recently.  If you are on shots - just make sure to test when you can between innings.  My sugars always tend to drop out in the heat.  Make sure you have some gatorade or what have you available.  I like to have a target around 120 if I'm out in the heat like that.  If I'm dropping then I have time before the effects of hypo start to hit to get some carbs in me.  Make sure to stay hydrated too - that's key.   Recently and being on a pump before the game, I'll bolus for about 1/2 of what my basal rate would be to cover the time I'll have the pump disconnected.  Easy example - lets say I have a basal of 1.0 / hr - the game will last 2 to 2 1/2 hrs so I'll take a unit to cover me.  I test between innings to make sure I'm within range.  That as worked for me pretty well.  Because of the nature of the game and out in the heat, the main concern is going low.  I found that targeting for a slightly higher bs level, I can avoid the time it takes to recover from a hypo.  On the high side, I just try to stay below 200 which, as I said, is uaually not a problem.  Good luck to you!

I'm on the pump and when I play baseball I take it off if my sugar isn't high, I'll usually drop because of the heat like Doug D said, but I always my gatorade and if I feel too low then i just tell the coach and he'll take me out so i can take care of it.