How Do You Plan For Travel With Diabetes?

What all do you take ? thanks..

I love to travel as well!  I have had no problems (knock on wood) traveling, especially flying, with my pump.  These are things that I usually do to get ready:

1.  Take twice as many supplies as I will need.  I put one set in checked luggage, and one set in carry-on luggage.  If I'm not checking a bag, I still take twice as much as I'll need, and just put things in two different bags.  I only take supplies that have a prescription sticker on them.  (I know not everything has a sticker, but for strips and insulin, I take new supplies in the box with stickers on them)

2.  Take extra batteries for pump and meter.

3.  Pack needles and long-acting insulin.

4.  Write down basal levels.

5.  Take prescriptions.

6.  Pack food in carry-on or easily accessible bag.

7.  Try my best to make sure that insulin and strips don't get too hot. 

8.  Pack a tour guide, appropriate shoes, camera, and get ready to have a great trip!

Thank you emmcgrath.  We are going on a 7-day cruise the first week of June and I'm slowly slipping into panic mode.  We are only 3 months in to the diabetes diagnosis and so I'm probably going to over-pack as usual.  My dd's endo also said to double up on everything but I didn't think about taking prescriptions and extra batteries, thanks!  

I'm slowly slipping into a perceived state of panic thinking "how am I going to keep track of her carbs and bolusing (or not) when she's away from me on the ship?" and "what if something happens on the ship and I'm not there" - I want her to have some freedom but I'm sure I'll be constantly checking in on her. 

Anyone have any wonderful insight into cruising with diabetic children?

Hi akcain,

I've been on multiple cruises while having diabetes.  I always bring food with me on board.  I've found that the packages of 4 peanut butter crackers work well and so do energy bars (they don't get smooshed so easy while on shore).  When I was a kid, my parents  would give my sister and me walkie talkies so we could find them and vice versa.  You could give your daughter one and if she had a problem she could let you know.  Also let the staff of the children's center know so that if they notice something they have a heads up.  We asked our steward for a sharps container and placed the used needles/sites in it.  If you have a meter that uses funny batteries (not AA or AAA) bring those too because the only time I've ever had a dead battery was when we were in Bermuda and I spent the whole day trying to find a new one instead of seeing the sights.  Have fun and enjoy yourself :)