How do you remember the ones you have lost?

Just wondering if there is something you do each year to remember the ones you have lost?  I write a letter to my sister each year on her birthday.  I keep it until I am ready to let it go...not sure when that will be.

My son's birthday is coming up January 11.  He would have been 23 this year.  He was born on the day of "The Drive" for you football fans.  On his birthday I usually wear my TShirt with his picture on it.  I eat the stuff he liked and listen to the music he liked.  You know Village People's "Live and Sleazy" CD, Chick Corea's "Beneath the Mask", and the Best of Sammy Kershaw.  I say a lot of the things he said, but then again, I do that everyday.   This year I'm thinking of having Toaster Strudel for breakfast, his favorite.  I just try to remember the good times and not think of the then end and why and all that.

My son Danny passed away due to sudden DKA on March 28th 2009,12 days before his 20th birthday.Danny did not have a previous diagnosis of T1 and  he had Down Syndrome.He had what appeared to be a stomach bug for 2 days ,went to bed and never woke up,the findings were a complete shock:(He hadn't had T1 for any length of time so they feel this was the onset.I still think in horror that I  was handing him Gatorade and ginger ale to drink to make his stomach feel better and all I was doing was driving his sugars higher..I'm his Mom I should have known it was something more,but we don't have those kinds of super powers do we?Always the "what-ifs" that get us.His bedroom right next to mine & I never heard a thing.Atleast I was able to say a last good night and Love u.This year we've signed up for the "Walk" being held on his birthday of all days.I thought this would be a wonderful way to honor his memory.We've gotten quite an education on T1 since his passing,too late for my boy,but hopefully what donations we can raise will help someone else.