How do you treat lows?

My son Leo just turned 3. We are 5 months into his type 1 diagnosis, and we are wondering about how to treat his lows. Leo is on a pump, and if we can catch it early, we can temp basal and give him some milk. But if his BG gets too low, we currently treat with 3 teaspoons of chocolate syrup. (We use Nesquick, it doesn't have fat and works fast!)

Here is my dilemma: 3 teaspoons is roughly 150 calories, and Leo has gained 5 pounds since his diagnosis and though his weight is actually just fine, we're concerned that the syrup has contributed unnecessary calories. Since we've never given our kids juice, juice isn't an option just yet. We're working on getting him to drink it, but it is very slow going and 4 ounces is a lot to get him to drink fast (let alone in the middle of the night). And the glucose tablets are like horse pills for him and take way too long to get down. Not at all practical when treating a BG of 46!

Any ideas? What do you use???



Wow, at three that really is a challenge. Anything you give him that will have sugar to treat the low will have have those darn calories ;) if not then I know a lot more women would be eating chocolate!! My son is 12 and was 9 when he was dx'd so I never had this problem. Truthfully I never even thought about chocolate syrup...might have to give that a try. The only other thing that we've done is to use the cake gel icing. Cakemate sells them in tubes for about $1.29. They're very portable but sometimes measuring can be a problem, especially in a guy so young. Hope this helps, if not I hope someone else has some helpful advise. Good Luck



We use chocolate milk, use hershey's syrup with the milk, the protein in the milk makes the sugar last longer .we use this during the nite if he goes low and you can heat it as hot chocolate too. also we useNature Valley bars. Orange juice workd fast fo use instead of the tablets then follow with some peanut butter-again the protein helps make it last.

Hope this helps!


My son is four and was diagnosed six months ago.  We use sweettarts during the day and juice at night.  We have also used skittles- the "fun size" is almost the perfect amount.



When my son is low and being picky about eating, honey is our fast-acting carb.  One tablespoon has 17 grams of carbs.


We usally give our 3 year old daughter 1/2 cup of juice (15g) when she is low.  However at night it is very hard for us to MAKE her drink 1/2 cup of juice so we have started to give her fruit on the go fruit snacks (16g) (60 cal) or Mott's Fruitsations fruit snacks (16g) (70cal).  They work great for us!


Good luck