How does diabetes affect your dancing or dancing affect your diabetes

Sometimes my sugar get so low i have to sit down but i hate waiting the 15 minutes it takes to bring my sugar back up. I always feel like i miss so much and then everyone gives me pity ( like i need it). Does anyone else have this problem?

Most clubs are warm, so between the heat and dancing your blood sugar is likely to drop.  You might need to eat something before you go or just make sure to drink a 7Up or something sugary every once in a while.

When you get low it's worth it to take 15 minutes and get back to normal.  Much better than passing out at the club.  

I always turn my insulin down for the time that I'll be dancing. Also, my older sister dances with me and there is a nurse in the group so if anything happens they're right there to help. At first I felt that I was getting everyone's pity cause the instructor always reminded me that if (in performances) I could do a certain dance because of diabetes to let her know and she would take me out, or people's looks when I have to sit out cause I'm low, but I've realized that in most cases it's not pity, it's them caring about me and wanting to make sure I'm okay and that nothing goes wrong. If something happened and I passed out or something, more than half the group would be feeling bad, not with pity, but wondering what they could have done to help me, like it's their fault... :)

all the time. honestly that's why i quit.

Charlotte, you shouldn't let diabetes control you life. Like quiting dancing. You just have to learn to adjust and tweek things till it works. Believe me, it takes a while and I can honestly say that I still don't quiet have it figured out but I'm not going to sacrifice something and let diabetes "win".

Don't let diabetes define you, you define diabetes by the way you live.

I am an Indian Style Professional Dancer. I have learnt and practiced Bharatanatyam for nearly 12 years. But I have a weird problem with many of the songs I dance for. About three years ago, I used to go into a trance when listening to certain tunes. It became so frequent that I decided to visit the doctor. The doctor said that I have a slight condition of reflex epilepsy, where I become slightly epiliptic when listening to some kinds of music. Since then, I have not been able to dance to some of the best South Indian Classical Songs. It breaks my heart.

I have been prescribed 2 tablets - Triaptol and Frizium. If I don't take them, my epilepsy can become very serious.

Has anyone else got or heard of a similar problem?

I dance a lot and to prevent lows I turn my insulin down. I also drink G2(which is a type of Gatorade, its easy to find) instead of water. It has 12 carbs per bottle so it helps keep my blood sugar up. If I’m below 120 before class starts I have a glucose tablet or two to keep my blood sugar up. Still, I get lows sometimes and I hate sitting out, but you can always learn from watching the other dancers and teacher while you wait to come up. whatever you do, don’t let diabetes limit your ability or love for dance!

I always making sure that the dance and instructers still have my full attention when I’m sitting out. I watch feet and hands very closely and invision myself doing those when I am unable. I imagine how the movement feels. Being diabetic in dance can be very complecated, but with some time and practice you can be just as good as anyone else.

I could tell you a lot of stories from dancing.