How does having diabetes affect your food choices on campus?

For example, I always eat breakfast in my room. Just easier that way.

Lunch and dinner I'll most likely eat somewhere on campus unless I don't feel like walking in the cold then I'll eat dinner in my dorm room.

But with the choices on campus... they aren't the healthiest of foods... I find myself eating fries and burgers quite often. There really aren't any other options... and I was told I could eat that stuff as long as I cover for it with insulin and I have been doing well with it.

However, just in general these foods aren't good.

I'm looking forward to the campus changing food choices and vendors for this fall.

But I'm wondering what do you choose to eat? Does your campus offer more healthy options?

at the campus i go to we have a variety of stuff. i love it. that's the main campus though. the one i actually go to for this semester, all we have is the general store which has chips, poptarts, candy, soda, milk, soup, and gum. that's because the campus is in a strip mall.

Well, I wasn't diabetic when I was living on campus but now that I think of it, I ate things similar to you. When I woke up early enough (not often), I'd have breakfast in my room and then for lunch and dinner it would usually be some combination of chicken sandwich/grilled cheese/fries/pizza. So yeah, not the healthiest things.

But now that I'm off campus I usually just make a lunch at home and take it with me. The days I don't I usually end up going to Subway.