How does stress after your blood sugar?


Im writing this post after having an explained low of 2.3 (41.4) 15 minutes ago. Im not sure why it happened. Im starting to think that its stress but im not sure. I started university last week, and have had nothing but work since then. Ive had a few lows on the afternoons working on things at my house and even in class when im just sitting there, i can just feel it dropping. Is anyone else effected this way?

Usually when I get stressed out (which seems to be alot lately, lol) my numbers go super high and I have a hard time getting them down.  I'm guessing that stress would probably have a different effect on everyone though.

Stress, and especially anxiety, make me drop like a rock.  I have to turn my basal rate down to about -80% in those situations (like when I have to fly - flying gets me really worked up).

yeah i think part of it is anxiety too, it drops sometimes when im in crowds, which im not really a huge fan of

When I'm nervous, I sometimes go low, When I'm stressed, high.

Usually get high from stress, but I do remember having low blood sugars for the first few days of school every year... even in college.  Think our brains work harder in new situations and since brains run on glucose, it drops blood sugar.

from what Ive felt if I get stressed or excited it makes my blood drop

The first time I noticed stress affecting my blood sugar was in college actually. When I get stressed, I run high though. I have to almost double the amount of insulin I take.

Since you basically starting a totally new routine, it may take a couple days to get everything under control. Once you get comfortable in your new situation, hopefully you won't be dropping as much. Good Luck!

I'm not a doctor, but I know sometimes we will run high under stress because under great stress we will release adrenaline which works against insulin- so most of the time when I am under stress my blood sugars go high.

This is the same kind of stress that happens too when you exercise at an anaerobic level (like doing sprints or super heavy weight lifting)-your body witll release adrenaline which works against insulin.

So why do some people go low when under stress- I don't know- maybe it is a different level of stress- like you are not to the super level of stress physically, but stressed in a way that you are running around a lot, doing a lot of things, juggling a lot of tasks, and don't really realize it, but if you looked at your level of physical exertion it was a little bit more than normal (not anaerobic) and maybe you didn't quite have as much protein in your system to sustain your insulin and therefore drop low- that is why I usually go low-

Like yesterday, I was soooo busy, extra stuff at work so only had half of a measly turkey sandwhich all day before dinner so was a going low right before dinner (72)- even though I am on a pump- I just did a little bit more exertion than normal because all of my tasks and really did not have much food in my system.

I think that is why and when I go low under stress- but too much physical stress or intense stress- where my body releases adrenaline will make me go high,

Hope that helps!


Stress from things like school haven't ever really affected by blood sugars, but I have shot up really high in a few situations that were really scary/stressful in a different way (like when my brother cut off the tip of his finger).  Nervousness usually makes me drop really low very quickly. 

Thanks everyone im glad that im not the only one it happens too. I think its nerves and the stress of school that have made my week not so great. Although it has been dropping while i sleep this week also. Woke up low 3 days in a row now.  Not sure the reason for that

Stress = Sky High

Well, stress usually sky rockets my sugars, but if I'm constantly working, even if I'm just sitting at a computer all day working, my sugars tend to drop.  My endo said that I probably use up a lot of energy to concentrate, so if I'm working intensely it would cause me to drop low.  In those situations, when I start feeling the lows coming on, he told me to temporarily suspend my pump for about 30 mins. to an hour.  It has helped me to control better than trying to correct with a snack b/c sometimes I am not needing a snack and if I'm having more frequent lows while at work than I don't want to keep snacking like every half hour.

My daughter goes super low when she is stressed also.  She is a figure skater and we have trouble at competitions, usually 1/2 hour before she is to skate she starts to drop.  Last year she went to 2.1, after giving her 500ml of apple juice, a handful of grapes and 4 starburst candies I finally got her up to a 3.9 just before she had to go on the ice.  On a normal day, all of that sugar would have put her close to the 30's.  Our nurse said stress does cause some people to go low although the majority rise with stress.  Good luck!!

I drop like no-one's business. I work at summer camps and am in charge of planning and running theme days... I typically go 3/4 of my usual Lev and can eat all day with no insulin to cover food... And enjoy numerous juice boxes throughout the day to keep my sugars above 3. Uni finals had me bring in the world's largest snacks!

Jordys Mom - I skated too for years and experienced the chow-down and skate too before comps and tests! My coach was the best at balancing my sweater and guards while opening juice boxes in a pinch! Over time, I found that cutting back the morning of to be good strategy instead of eating right before I went on... Skating on a full tummy never feels quite right!