How does Swimming or the Beach Affect you?

The summer is here and now swimming and the beach are coming.I was just recently diagnosed and this is my first summer with Diabetes.HOw does summer affect Blood Sugar???

Summer heat and humidity make my blood sugar lower.  I use a pump and diminish my base rates slightly.  If I'm outside a lot, like on 4th of July, I under dose for what I eat and test often.

Beach days tend to make my blood sugar great.  Think it's a combination of eating less, laying around and swimming.  Again, I test a little more than usual because I'm so relaxed I don't trust myself to feel a high or low.

Swimming tends to make my blood sugars really stable for hours after.  It's great!  But if I swim hard, like laps of freestyle, it will cause a delayed low 6-12 hours later.  On swimming days I tend to eat some kind of snack before going to bed and/or wake up to test in the middle of the night.

So I guess swimming and beach make me test a lot. =)