How has having Type I Diabetes Improved your Life?

Okay, folks, I'm curious. I often read about how awful it is when someone gets diabetes, and what a difficult thing it can be--and it totally can.  I have some very bad days, I must admit.

But I also think about how much more responsible an adult I am because, as a toddler, I was learning how to take shots and, a little later, give myself shots. I learned control through the rebellious years of being a teenager.  I learned how to keep myself healthy in college, even though college was really difficult. I learned how _safely_ to get drinks with friends after turning 21.


Anyway, although there have been a lot of bumps in the path, and I know there are going to be more as I age, I have to admit that I am a smarter, more responsible, more mature person than a lot of my peers, and than I would have been had I not had diabetes.