How I eat anythng I want/ dawn Phenom

Oh how I wish my kid would wait but has always eaten first then treated. Has been spiking high for years and is only 18

I agree. Many years ago, I sat down with a new (for me) endocrinologist, very well known now, and he did all the talking. He told me all about my body and how it works as a Diabetic. The entire time I was thinking, but, but, but, that’s not actually how my body works. I never went back to him. From that day forward, I have felt the very same way as you. I know my own body, I know how different medication, stress, food, insulin affects it and I know what to do to make these things work together. I am happy to take advice from experts but will also tweak it where necessary. Our body’s are complex and beautiful and miraculous…and we’re all different.

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Suzanne, I think we all need to learn how our individual body works, what might be good for you, may not work for someone else. My Endo doesn’t question my actions after 66 years what is she going to say, except she says “what are you going to teach me now?” Ps: if you are referring to my “Something Funny” comment, things have gone from that remark to some other ones, usually by little kids. One little boy ( approx. 4 ish wanted to know if my dogs had done it, told him no. he wasn’t thinking it was a bad thing if they had he was just trying to make sense of the situation. Another little boy wanted to touch my leg, said OK he did and I told him it tickled, he thought that was so funny so every time I saw him that day, he’d wave and laugh. Sometimes life is just fun and funny. Hope all is well. Bye Jan

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Well, if anything is going to make life fun or funny, it is children…I am a preschool teacher and those little ones bring a smile to my face all the time…such joy. And you have now brought joy to my life. Thank you Janice.

I am glad. Little kids don’t pre judge they just want answers to their questions, I figured it was less traumatizing if I told them I lost my leg in an accident instead of telling them it had a sore or something because if they ever got a sore or injury to their leg the first thing their going to think of is getting it cut off, don’t want that to happen. Little boys are curious and little girls are protective, so far anyway. For Halloween one year I used my prosthetic leg as a candy dish, that was fun, kids loved it. You should see the parents reaction when the kids ask me what happened or can they touch, they try to fade into the background. Some times to the kids I am the latest circus attraction, and they ask questions, happy to answer.

I don’t know about joy, but humor works. Have a great one and give the kids a hug for me. Bye jan

I just read all the posts. I agree whole with most things said. The best stamens that has been consistantly said is this. We Are all different. It is a matter of figuring out what works for your body and your body only. In giving advice you say this works for me, not you should do this!
I totally agree! If I used your system life would not be good for me, but I know I’m different. I eat 4 times per day. Not because I want to but because if I dont I become hypoglycemic. I eat before bed so that I’m not up at 4am trying to stop the lows. The cgm is my best tool I have yet besides my brain! I stay good for 90% of the day. I’m working on the rest. I’ll get there but it’s slow go and I have to let my body tell me what to do.

Charles, I absolutely agree, way back when doctors tried to put me in the same group as everyone else, I like everyone else but we are all individuals., unless we all had the same heritage, we can’t possibly be the same. The thing that scares me the most is that a lot of our doctors don’t realize we are different. I tried to become a diabetic educator and was told that I am too far out of the box. I’ve been without my CGM for about 3 yrs. now and I am trying to get it back but because I don’t have it, I test my blood every 2 hours from midnight to 6 am… Regarding lows in early am, there are times when I have to eat, times like that I usually drink something like ensure or something like that it stays with me longer. I think we are all doing the best we can to deal. I’ve been a diabetic for so long that I don’t think if there was a cure, I’d take it. Wouldn’t know what to do if I was “normal”, and living like I do is pretty close to normal. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? The other things that scares me is that “the new kids” are not taught how to live. Just an opinion. Have a great day Nice talking to you Bye Jan PS: think our Docs need to be re-educated.

Not going to tell you what to do, but I will make a suggestion. Have you thought about lowering the amount of Insulin you take, lower a little at a time. I am assuming you are taking Insulin. Your base line insulin may be a little to high. Your options to correct a low blood sugar are, eat more or take less insulin or what ever meds you are taking. Keep me posted on how you’re doing. Lowering your meds may be the best , especially at night. Bye Jan

Thanks for the reply. I totally agree with you. All drs try to use the “cookie cutter” method. If you don’t fit into that “box” your no good to them. I truly believe that! But the issue is that if your an individual, then they have to spend time getting to know you and that does not work for them, they can’t just read the script and collect &200.00 as you pass by!
As to the other issue of the lows… I have tried that. I’m only diagnosed for 4 yrs, but I have been diabetic for a long, long time. I can remember issues when I was a child. They are the same now as they were then… I just was either not tested or was one of the difficult ones to “catch”. Only exhibiting signs etc from time to time. Just had dr appt and we went over labs. He said if I didn’t know you were diabetic, I would never see it in these labs. All basically normal, except for a couple of liver enzymes that are not “ normal”.
But back to the lows, I tried that. Didn’t work. I thought it would, but nope. It seems that pancreases is not 100% out of commission. So due to that, I’m not sure I can stop the lows. I understand that everyone’s body is not static and everything we do affects the bs levels. It’s just my. Goal to stop them, don’t know if I can. But one other thing is that due to my body chemistry, I eat and drink things that other diabetics go really!? I don’t count carbs at all! Tried that for six months at first. Threw myself under the bus!! Finally, Endo said, keep doing it your way. Eat, drink whatever you want. Just keep your numbers where they are and I don’t care.
It seems that time between meals for me is the biggest issue. Long time, as in overnight, I don’t last or have enough in me and outta bed I go. Time to get sugar in me. This happens during daytime as well, so pretty sure it’s not insulin level.
I think it’s partly metabolism. I have always had a high metabolism and have eaten “unreal” amounts of food. And no I’m not overweight. I stayed at 196 for 25 yrs before diagnosis, and now I’m at 180 to 185, for the last 3 yrs. My A1C stays between 5.7 and 6.0. I do know that good insulin levels do not affect weight. Being over or under ( insulin level) usually cause weight loss or increase in weight,respectively.
It’s a puzzle!! I’m good at puzzles! But this one, I think I’m gonna have to take my time with.
I was just amazed with the fact that someone else seems to live and think the same way about bs etc. and it works for them too.

It’s been wonderful talking with you. I think too, that all drs should teach their patients on how to cope, with their main goal to help patient to get reasonably “normal” based on what easch individual needs are. Then help them to control other health issues that will help enhance this normality and make it better. Many T1D’s might live better lives for it.
If you have any ideas, I’m willing to listen! Ya never know! One word, one phrase may help.
Keep up the fight!


Charles, here are a couple of ideas, are you sure you are not a type 1 1/2 and it almost sounds like you are more hypoglycemic , hypoglycemia and diabetes are almost considered the same thing just the other side of the coin. As I said before try lowering your base insulin maybe 1-2 units at a time, don’t expect perfection immediately because out bodies need to adjust. You cannot flood your body with insulin and expect to stop the lows. Have you had your insulin antibodies tested, I am so allergic to insulin I am never sure exactly what is going to happen. You realize your metabolism and mental activity can burn sugar and so can an over indulgence of water… My last a1c was 7.5 and Doc is just fine with that. If you decide to lower your base insulin give it a few days. Are you taking insulin? Check out type 1 1/2 it’s a little strange. Let me know. Bye Jan PS: your brain’s only fuel is sugar and you can burn sugar fast if you are mentally exercising, happens to me a lot, if I have a problem or a project I have to check my B/S almost continually to stay out of the lows. If I dream the same thing can happen, I can almost burn as much sugar mentally as I can physically. Bye again Jan

@JaniceD Hi!!! Omgosh thank you so much for saying what I’ve always known but get so much total crap when I say it. I do have a question for you. I have gastroparesis and no gallbladder. My body sucks at digesting. While I’m usually lower in the morning, I find that because I have trouble eating, I have all day phenom. I’m hoping the pump helps that issue since I’ll be getting some insulin in little bits all day. I’m not looking forward to pump training because these nurse educators don’t know anything about putting diabetes into practice. But I’ve found the ratio you gave is exactly what works for me. I guess my question is do you think if I gave my liver something more to feed off that it might help combat the highs during the day? I drink a meal replacement breakfast shake with 23 carbs for breakfast but mentally it’s not enough to keep me going all day so I’ll reluctantly add in something (like a yogurt) but I’ve only been doing that for a few days. The yogurt runs the levels up but not like they have been (when i don’t eat, my sugars go up in the 300-400’s, sometimes higher range). So the 200s are better. Just wanted to know your opinion!!!

Lady you are in for a great surprise when you get your pump, the pump works just like your body. You can take insulin any time you need and as little as 1/10 of a unit. You won’t have to wait until you are high. I don’t have a gallbladder either and I also have primary biliary cirrhosis so digestion can be a problem, just treat your pump as if it is your body needing insulin , give it what it needs and when it is needed. Breakfast replacement meal is just to keep you going until lunch, 23 grams of carbs is equal to 2.3 units of insulin not including your blood sugar at the time. The only thing that will control high’s during the day is insulin, but as I said before with a pump it is easy to control. You need 3 square meals plus a snack if needed, your body needs nourishment to function. Your brain needs sugar for fuel and the only way to get is eat like you are supposed too. Just because you are a diabetic doesn’t change the rules about meals, and with the pump it will be soo much easier. Re: liver–If you go longer than 5 hours approx. (everyone is different) yes your liver will drop sugar in your system, way around that is to eat regularly. If you are not eating regularly your liver can be the culprit for the 3-400 eat like you are supposed to and eliminate this problem, you’ll and your body will be happier. Eat regularly and watch you BS get in control as long as your are taking your insulin accordingly, Pump edu. is easy, let me know if you need help when you get it. EAT REGULARLY, please… Keep me posted Bye Jan Yogurt is not your best choice—If yogurt has sugar in it you have to offset it with the appropriate amount of insulin plus the amount of insulin to get your blood sugar is a safe place, that is why a pump is great it makes the adjustment soo easy

Thank you so much!!! And here i thought I pretty much knew everything there was to know being diabetic forever and a registered nurse lol. Well I had myself figured out until I stopped having regular cycles. Hormones are RIDICULOUS on my blood sugar! My a1c has never been 9 and yet at last check it was 9.1!! But hopefully with the pump it’ll work itself out. Again thank you so much and I’m sure I’ll be asking you a few more questions!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

I’ll give you as much help as I can, and I can hardly wait to get my pump back. I don’t know if we can know all there is to know, mainly because what works for me may not work for you, just have to try and see. Besides as we age some things may change. I am allergic to my insulin so at times it doesn’t work like it should, that is one of the reason a pump is so beneficial for me, I can take as little as I need and sometimes I have to piggy back an injection, but with the pump I can custom tune my pump for my own nuances and oddities almost like my own body would if it could. You’d think after 66 years my body would be stable, but with my different health issues, stability is probably not going to show up anytime soon. Oh well it makes my life interesting, doc calls me an anomaly , she wants me to write a book. Maybe some time, maybe we all should write a book, explaining how we deal with being a diabetic. What do you think? Keep me posted, have a great day, I’m going out and dig in the dirt or play with the dogs or both, who knows. Bye Jan

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As I said, I thought I knew everything there was to know then I met you!!! I also know you can always learn something new and especially from others!!! I would never put you in a position that was uncomfortable such as asking dosing questions but rather mine are more technical!! And I do so appreciate your willingness to help!!! YES YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK LOL​:heart::heart::heart:
I am what they refer to these days as “Peri-menopausal” and OH MY GOSH my blood sugars are even more nutty than usual. Anyway thank you so much for helping!! I have to wait to go for training on the pump…they say they don’t have openings for 2 weeks. I say I’d rather have a rep from the company train me. These diabetes educators…most of them don’t have diabetes and don’t have a clue in my experience. But we shall see. I’m willing to give anything a chance until they tick me off LOL. I may, in the meantime, call tandem and see if they can do it instead of making me go through someone who is getting their knowledge second hand​:blush::blush::blush: Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful evening and thank you again!! Georgia

Georgia, I used the Omni Pod system, no tubes all wireless, and I can put it anywhere, look it up, you may be impressed I used it for 9 years and it is the only one I’ll use, NO TUBES!!!. The pump allows you to be as close to normal as we can possibly get. Don’t worry about your questions, I’ll answer those I can the others we’ll find someone that can. Would you believe I wore my Omni Pod on my back ( I have so much tissue damage that I have to put it in strange places, besides it’s waterproof up to 25 feet underwater, and I like my hot tub. Ask away, I’ll give you what I can. Have a great day, keep in touch. Bye Jan

Forgot to tell you, Peri Menopause like any other thing in our lives is treated the same as far as insulin dosing , treat the blood sugar and don’t worry about the reason as long as it isn’t life threatening. IE cause, overeating, peri menopause, stress, life in general and the way we respond, the end result is the same, treat the BS. that is blood sugar I suppose the other meaning could work. Have a great day, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Bye Jan

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