How I keep track of my diet

I thought some of my Juvenation friends would find this interesting.  To keep track of my diet, I try to record the nutritional content of everything I eat.  I use a piece of software called "Diet Analysis" to keep track of the data and analyze it with reference to the recommended intake for someone my age, weight, etc.

The software can generate a report over a time period like the one below which shows my daily averages over the past 3 weeks.  The report does not take into consideration my exercise workout regimen and the fact that I take a multi-vitamin daily to fill in the vitamin an mineral blanks.

I have been striving for a low carb diet but am still at about twice the carbs daily than where I'd like to be.  Most of this is caused by the carbs I have to consume in order to fix hypo reactions.  For example, today was an exceptionally bad day for me carb-wise.  I have so-far consumed almost 150g of carbs, 120g of which was eaten for lows.  I ate (or drank) for lows alone, 8 oz. of orange juice, a grapefruit, 2 honey & oat granola bars, and a cup of vanilla yogurt.  Yes, I did 2 hours of strenuous cardio workout today, but this still shouldn't happen.

Anyway, here's the report:



Do you eat at a scheduled time? Like making sure you have breakfast when you wake up (a reasonable morning time), a snack that is 15g or under between lunch and breakfast, lunch 3-4 hours after breakfast, another 15g snack, dinner 3-4 hours after lunch. When I get a low, I usually grab a cookie to raise my sugar and a protein bar to maintain the sugar so it doesn't drop again. Maybe you're eating too much when you have a low? It will take about 15 minutes to feel better so make sure you don't continually eat, even though you may feel bad. Check your sugar in 15 minutes and if it is still low, go through the same process again- cookie and protein bar. :) Hope this helps! I know, lows are awful!

Oh my goodness.. I just noticed you posted this in 2009... O.o lol.. welll I hope your carbs are in control now :D