How is everyone?

I'm new and wanted to see how everyone is doing with their diabetes and just general life :D

Welcome Christine !

hi christine, how are you?

I'm doing ok. Schools fine and I'm doing good in my sports and church. Diabetes wise my mom inst happy -_- so now I have to make sure I watch my sugar level more often!!! lol How about you Shannon?

I am well and blessed. doing fairly well over all. When I was a teenager my mom wasn't always happy with my diabetes care either. we can only do our  best and try and make good choices. Looking back now I realize that at the time i thought she just was harping on me all the time but know now that she only stayed on me about my diabetes because she loved me and was worried about me.  keep up the good work Christine!

AGREED :) my mom was same way. died last year before my bday. so i cant look back and say thank you. trying to undo years of bad habits is not easy. im trying though

That's all we can do is our best and in return hope to live long prosperous lives. im sure that if your mom was still here with you she would be proud of you and is still watching over you.

Yea I know but she always has to remind me and I know i will be glad for it in the future. But other than that everything has been really good!!!!!! :D

Welcome!!! I am doing pretty good. I just had my warranty run out so things are starting to kind of not work like they use to. LOL

First the pancreas, Dx'ed in ICU, DKA at 52, then the joints or that's what they tell is the reason for hurting. Something about not having any space between bones. LOL The upside soon I'll get to be a cyborg with replacement parts. Call me Borg 4 of 20!!!! ROFLMAO

Keith, what happens when the warranty on your brain runs out? Or are we to late??

"Keith, what happens when the warranty on your brain runs out? Or are we to late??"

LOL way too late the brain came as is.

wow lol

We're a fun bunch!!! Welcome!!!

Diabetes- Horrible I hate it and my numbers are just "joyful" not!! General life- SUCKS

Kaith: I can tell

Olivia: I know whatcha mean but hey its life we have to learn how to get through these obstacles together with friends, family, and fellow diabetics so I be by ur side no matter what :D even though I dont know you lol


I'm new here as well. I was diagnosed with type 1 about a month ago at the age of 43. It was a shock to me. One day I woke up with leg cramps, very dry mouth and blurry vision. I didn't know what was going on. Another thing is I had no energy and for me that was strange because almost everyday for the last 30 years I've woken up to a morning run or bicycle ride, push-ups, sit-ups... ect... That morning was very strange. I couldn't even walk the dog around the block. So a few days later I visited my doctor and at first they thought I had type 2 because of my age. Then got a call from my doctor and she said that my blood work results were type 1.

At my first appointment my BS was at 469. After my blood work the doctor said my A1C was 11.3. It's been a very hard month for me, but my kids and wife encourage me everyday I can get through this. I've been telling my self I have no option to fail at gaining control over my blood sugar because my family needs me.

I must tell you even though how hard it's been, I'm doing ok! Thanks for asking and how are you doing today?


I'm doing great. I'm sorry to hear that you have had this major life change. I myself do not have Type 1, but my daughter does. It takes time but you will get the hang of it and it will become part of your everyday life. <HUGS>


Thanks Christine!!!!

Thanks Coleen! Hugs

Its nice knowing im not the only one going through some rough times :) Together we will stand strong!