How kids that are around a type 1 child knows more then some adults

i was reading the post about what random people say to someone with or parents that have children with type one . i just want to share this funny story . my son is 12 yrs old he has type 1 dx since 9 yrs old i have a six yr old daughter and a 3 yr old grandson we were all driving in the car my daughter (my grandsons mom) gave him a bag of chips my 12 yr old was in the back with him . i guess my son must have taken one of my grandson's chips cuz all of a sudden my daughter and i heard my 3 yr old grandson ask my son "tj did you check your blood sugar" lol too funny my daughter looked back and my son was eating one chip . my grandson knows my son can have what he wants but needs to check his bs and take insulin for  what he eats.and my 6 yrs old knows alot too some times i think more then some adults . i work in the medical field and i still get those questions when i tell them my son is diabetic . just too funny . my grandson will be a expert before he is six yrs old lol. anyone with any stories lol

You are so right! My daughter is 11 and has been diabetic for about a year. We manage it pretty closely, but the one area where we are always far too lax is in making sure she takes her insulin 15 minutes before she eats. We were pretty good about that in the beginning, and still try, but when you're out and about it's not always easy.

Anyway, we met up with Sarah's best friend and her family at Disneyland a couple of months ago. Her best friend, Kelsey, has really taken on the responsibility of watching Sarah for any signs of hypo or whatever while she's in school, and Kelsey is in charge of escorting Sarah to the office when she's low or not feeling right. Also, Kelsey's house is the only house we've let Sarah spend the night at since she was diagnosed, because her parents actually borrowed and read the Pink Panther book and are really in tune with her diabetes. - So we're in Disneyland and Sarah orders a meal then goes to sit down but doesn't start testing right away. Kelsey just gives her a look and tells her that her meal isn't going to take 15 minutes so she better get to it. Honestly, that hadn't even occurred to me. Kelsey's parents were somewhat horrified and chastized her for being bossy and told her that Sarah's parents are in charge of her. I thought it was great. I laughed and told Kelsey's parents that Kelsey was actually correct. I guess being out and about at Disneyland I was so used to treating her as she bought food, it just didn't even occur to me that in this situation Sarah could test and treat in advance. My bad. :-)

I think kids have the ability, if they're interested, to retain knowledge about stuff like diabetes are care much more than adults who don't live it everyday. Most adults glaze over when I try to explain anything about Sarah's care, but Kelsey just soaks it all up and regurgitates it as needed. Love it!

that is so true my son has a best friend ricky the only place i let my son go his mom is great and she is also the baby sitter too . she tells me all the time when my son tj spends the night how her son is on top of tj's diabetes before she can do it and makes sure tj does everything right . its hard sometimes because alot of parents dont or are too worried to have my son over because of his diabetes its cute i tell his no then ricky pops in and says ill make sure he does everything just let him go to the party so i did and things went great

That's funny! My 4 year old is type 1 and on one shot of Lantus a day, but we still check his blood sugar 4 times a day. One time he was hungry and wanted a snack, so he took his monitor and tested himself correctly! My DH asked him why he tested himself and he said he needed to check his number before snack. Even though he's only 4 and sometimes does resist being tested, he knew he needed to be tested before eating. And he has a friend his age who also looks out for him! Whenever they have a play date and her mother asks her about certain snacks, like cookies, she will tell her mother that it has too much sugar for Gavi.

Awesome job Gavi! (It gets soooo nice when they can start to check their own BGs. John is 5, so he does his tests at school (his teachers tell him when) and Dad or I do most at home, but it is nice when we are in the car or in a hurry to tell him to check and he can do it!)

I love how kids can be so accepting of the D care stuff. I don't think they look at is as an extra burden, just that is the what my friend has to do before he eats.