How long are pumps supposed to last?

I've been on this pump for over five years now.  Minimed 512.  It's still working.  What is the expected life span of a pump?

Pump companies cover defects up tp 4 years, after that you have to pay for repairs. It's required my minimed that you update your pump every 4 years (isurance companies/medicare/medic aid are awat of this and will cover your new pump.) Provate insurance companies allow you to trade in your old pump w/ pump comanies and receive on discount on newer pump;Medicare /medicaid does not. I have a pump that is 8 ears old, and stillworks, however it's not under warranty. I keep it for emergencies. Example, I went to aqua therapy and forgot to remove my pump.  It  got some water damage, and Minimed Fexex a replacement. I wore my old pump until it arrived. Does this help?