How long did it take for you to adjust?

I have been "live" with my Ping (her name is Freeda) since November 8, 2010.  I know it can take a few months to get the basal rates where they should be for the most optimal control, but I figured I would be closer by now.  It has been 2 months and I am still staying over 200 most of the time.  I'm fully enjoying being on a pump, and wouldn't go back to MDI (unless circumstances beyond my control forced it), but I would like to be closer to my target of 100 on a more consistent basis?

I admit, it may just be me and not always eating like I should.  Maybe a "sponsor" could help me in that area.  It's a thought.

It probably took about a month or so for us to adjust our son's numbers when he first started.

Are you getting help from your endo or a pump trainer on making adjustments? I would be reporting in to them at least every 3 days until your numbers are in better range. As long as you are counting your carbs right, it shouldn't really matter what you eat. That said, for basal rate setting, they want you to do more fasting tests and you do need to do those as needed. (But usually that is for a limited period of time each day)

THat said, out of desperation with my son's numbers last fall I just bumped all his basal rates up because it seemed like he was ALWAYS over 200.  It worked pretty good. We were told if you are increasing basals to try going up by 10%, that is usually a conservative way to start. So if your normal basal is 1 unit/hr, you'd go up to 1.1 unit/hr and see how your numbers are for the next couple days. Of course, make sure you are checking a lot for lows.

Good luck!

I check back in with my trainer every 2 weeks.  She has given me the go ahead to adjust as I see needed.  I HATE the fasting basal testing.  I know it needs to be done, and I do it, but hate it.  The overnight one works the best for me.  My test results show, according to my trainer and endo, that the rates are good if we could just get my bs down at the beginning of each time setting.  The mroe I think about it, the more I wonder if I'm not counting my carbs right.  I read all the labels, and even look up each thing I eat online if there is no label. 

One of the most frustrating is that I check 2 hours after eating and I'm usually in the mid 200's, but when I go to do a correction my pump shows that I have enough IOB to cover it.  Then at my next meal I'm where I should be.  I really wish I didn't have the roller coaster in the middle. 

I am planning on starting a pump soon and this is very helpful.  Once I get it will probably be turning to you guys for more questions.  Good luck Jenn hope you get those under control, don't worry if it takes a while I've been doing multiple shots a day for 22 years now and I can't always figure it out.  Everyone is different you will get it soon enough.  If you figure out any new tips let me know and vice versa. 

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