How long do you wait to eat?

Since I was diagnosed, my endo and CDE have told me to wait for about 15-20 minutes to eat after taking Novolog. I started my pump today and I had a different RN/CDE as my trainer. She told me I had to eat within 15 minutes of a bolus, which took me by surprise. So today I'm trying the bolus and eat immediately method and it's worked out alright. So how long do you wait to eat, if at all?


For me, it really depends on the food (and how hungry I am, LOL) but - in a perfect world, I'll wait 15-40 minutes with carbier (yes, i'm making up my own words) foods and for meals that are mostly protein, I may wait until I'm into the meal a bit to start my bolus... and then... there's pizza, where I give an extended bolus reserving the last 30% of my dose for 90 minutes... given about the time I start eating... and then knock on wood, heeee heee...

YMMV and – as with all things, test, evaluate, re-test, try again… I have discovered that with the addition of diabetes and a pump, I am now my own favorite video game… ;)



I started out trying to answer your question and I’m afraid maybe got sidetracked by my ADD mind… hope some of this fit… ;)



Usually, I have to distract myself to actually follow through with it. A good example? Juvenation :) I usually get caught up on here, in what I'm thinking or positng, and usually distracts me for... sometimes a good hour. Other times, I try to give my insulin before I make my meal, just go around the kitchen counting carbs or whatever, take the insulin, maybe walk away for a bit, make the food, then eat. It tends to work well for me - when I stick to it :)

In most cases it takes about an hour for ones insulin to kick in and absorb the carbs of what we have eaten. Even with the Bolus and such it still takes time to get the insulin active in the system, which is probably why your educator said to wait fifteen minutes. This at least would give time to avaoid any High's. However, I tend to Bolus when I eat that way I know what is on my plate and what I am actually planning on eating.

I've never been told to wait. I take my novolog and as soon as I've done that, I eat.

I found that I used to test and give for meals before I ate probably 20-30mins depending(mostly as I was sitting down to eat) but then latley I have found that I'm not eating as much as I used to so to make sure I not giving to much insulin I try to eat everything on plate and if I don't then it's ok to and as soon as I finish I give accordlying.(It was an idea that someone suggested to me here) and latley it's worked for me.



I was told to be careful of that only because the food kicks in befor the insulin. Especially sugary foods. This can be hard on your blood sugars, and after a while on your body, I assume. So instead of doing that, I suggest what I do: take insulin for smaller portions. Then, if I end up going back for more, take more insulin (bolus or another shot). It's tricky avoiding lows when you stack insulin doses, but I worked it out for me so I simply round down by 10 carbs or such (round number for me). Sometimes it means an extra shot (I'm not sure if you're on a pump), but it also means better care for your body.

Just a suggestion :)

Take care,

i wait about 45mins in the morning even if my blood sugar is 100.  For some reason im less sensitive in the morning so i give my body a chance to catch up.

When I remember to take my meal bolus, I take it right away and then eat. I was told by a CDE who knew what she was talking about to consider boluses for food "bite boluses." As in, I eat right after I bolus. But then again, I am very sensitive to insulin, and I don't know why. I don't take what I ought to according to weight numbers, even though my C-peptide is 0. Go figure. Oh...another thing...if I am eating something uncertain, I bolus early, around ten minutes (and after reading about some other techniques on here, I now use a square wave bolus--or its equivalent) and then check after 2 hours. This has, in the past, helped me to support my pizza habit.

unless my bloodsugar is really high, i eat as soon as the food is in front of me. at resturants i usually take my insulin about 10mins after we order, but at home i take it seconds before i cram the food into my mouth :P