How long for an insulin pump?

so i was diagnosed about a month ago... and i was just wondering when people got an insulin pump after they were diagnosed. i mostly mean if the pumps were available then and how long you had  to wait.. a bunch of people have given me different ranges ranging from a few months to a year or more.... so i yeaa i was just wondering how long it took for  you to get put on a pump!

hi there, i was diagnosed at the beginning of april and submitted all the paperwork for my animas ping last week.  if all goes well, i should start training within the next few weeks.  that makes it, what, about 2 months?  mine has been a pretty quick change from mdi to the pump, but it certainly is possible.

It took me about a year, I was diegnosed late March '08, and I started pumping on Sat.


I waited almost 25 years to go to the pump.  I was doing very well with MDI and I didn’t feel like fighting the learning curve.  I have heard endocrinologists speak on both sides of this confidently explaining why  it is best to start early and I have heard other endocrinologists speak with equal confidence about why they feel it is best a patient has a good grasp of their diabetes management before beginning the pump.  If you feel pursuing the pump more aggressively is a better fit for you, then I suggest you read some books on pumping to gather more data and start looking for a doctor who will help and support you in the management approach you feel will work best for you…

And since that borders on advice, I will also say that I don’t know many people who make as many errors in life as I do, so I would definitely gather some other input and advice!




I got a pump (mini med paradigm) 3 months after I was diagnosed. I've been on it for 6 years. I am switching to an Animas, but other than that, I love the pump.

I was on injections for 18 years with horrible control.  I knew nothing about pumps when I started seeing a new endo/nurse practitioner 4 years ago.  At my first appointment with the CDE she pushed a pump and I've been using one for the past 4 years.  It's made an enormous difference in my life and I wish I knew about them sooner.

I say if you are newly diagnosed, and considering a pump - do it now.  Don't get hooked on shots and afraid of a pump.  That's what happened to most of us that waited until later to get a pump.  If computers and modern technology don't scare you, and if you get into learning about  "how it works", you will love it.  Remember, it's your choice and whatever you feel the most comfortable with.  Good luck.  Kristi

My son was diagnosed a year and half ago and his endo still will not put him  on a pump.  I wish that he had one.  My son is very active and often forgets his insulin if he is going out.   We ask everytime we go to the dr but he keeps telling us not yet. 

Does your doctor give you any reasons for not recommending a pump?  If so, do they make sense?  If not, perhaps you should consider a second opinion frm another endo...

at least six years i was diagnosed may 27 2003 and i still don't have one. i've been trying to get one for almost five years. and now we have insurance and the dr still won't do it shesays its a great idea but the barbara davis center doesnt do much for people who live so far away so i'm probably switching drs now.

I started on the pump about 3 months after I was diagnosed.  My endocrinologist started pushing me to start on it the first time he saw me, which was about a month after diagnosis.

I was diagnosed 2/26 and got my pump May 14th.  I'm loving it.  Still adjusting though.  Im glad I started right away though because Im 19 and it make my life a whole lot easier being in college!