How Long Have You Had d?

Just wondering about others....

My daughter-6 yrs.

About a year and a half. Dx'ed aug./08 at 52.

28 days for Riley.

67 years!

I've had diabetes for 4.5 months.  I was diagnosed on 8/26/09.  I've been on the pump for about a month now which has definitely helped alot.

I was diagnosed May 17th 2004 - at approx 5:30pm, it was a monday.

8 years

23 years

Dxed in April 2005--going on 5 years. 

About 3 yrs.   Diagnosed at age 29.

My son son Sawyer was diagnosed at 22 months and has been living with "livabities" for 8 months.


40 years, 8 months

10 years

About 11.5 years. 

On April 21st it will be 3 years.

5.5 years

Seems longer

25 and 1/2 years or so.

8 months

14 days

23 minutes