How long have you had T1?

I am sure this may have been asked before ... but I began to wonder yesterday.  Coming up on 40 years of T1 (diagnosed at 10).

My only complication that I can completely say is diabetic related is Retinopathy ... successfully treated about 10 years ago with many laser treatments ...


Thanks for sharing



16 years for me, Scott.  Congrats on a successful 40 years to you and the treatment you received 10 years ago.  Here's to many more healthy years :)  with or without diabetes :)

Since the age of 3, I am 42 now but I have some minor retinopathy problems as well as major neuropathy problems in my legs and arms now.


but other than that sweetness and light :-)




I've been T1 for almost 48 years, diagnosed in 1963.  Had some background retinpathy ten years ago, but it went away after I started using a pump.  I've had neuropathy in my feet and legs for about 20 years, but it is only uncomfortable if my blood sugars are high over several days (and I try really hard not to let that happen). 

Keep up the good work everyone!

37 years, diagnosed at age 6- Retinopathy in both eyes treated with laser surgery for many weeks in 1991. Frozen joints is an ongoing and annoying issue now.

42 years, I was diagnosed 10 days after my 6th birthday! So far no complications from diabetes, just from being very physical and active in my life.



diagnosed at the age of 42 so i've been type 1 for 3 1/2 years

Let's see this Aug. I will have been dx'ed type 1 for 3 years and I just turned 55. LOL Then again maybe not since I haven't been using insulin and have good numbers. Go explain it???

Almost 35 years (diagnosed at age 4).  No complications.

17 years and counting :) So far *knock on wood* no complications or health issues that seem to be linked to Diabetes in any way

Will be 19 years in July.  

Diagnosed with retinopathy almost 3 years ago.  Many many MANY laser treatments and a vitrectomy mean my left eye is stable and my right eye only very occasionally has problems.  BUT all the laser and vitrectomy caused me to lose depth perception and some peripheral vision. Driving is very difficult.

I have a similar problem with my left eye - it also required a vitrectomy; I don't like night driving - even with glasses!!  

I went through the same issue of retinopathy after using the pump for about 2 years and got my A1c < 7.3 for about a year -- then the ophthalmologist   said it happens often when getting better control.

19 is a good year!!

Type 1, dx at 18 (1997).  I have not had any complications yet.

Animas pump 2002-2006

Minimed pump 2006-present

Wants to get the CGM!!!!!!!!!!!

August will be 44 years. Diagnosed at age 10. Absolutely no complications to date. One perfectly healthy pregnancy 31 years ago (congrats to you too Jenna).


4 months still trying to wrap my head around it all, at age 42.

Diagnosed January 6, 2011

That's great to hear!  Keep doing whatever you are doing!

I wish you well - this seems like a great place to get solid advice ...

I have had Type 1 for 19 years now just had my anniversary June 6th! Congrats to you on 40 years with very little complications, that is wonderful and takes a soldier to achieve! I unfortunately did not take the best of care of myself for a while and am now living with Systemic Nueropathy and Autonomic Nueropathy which are treated with nerve meds and pain meds. I am now working harder on taking better care of myself! Like Andrew said "Here is to many more healthy years!"