How long of a needle -shots

Our endo likes a long needle,but we will sometimes buy the shorter.Do you notice any difference ?

Hi I use a pen and my needle is the BD Mini. It is only 3MM long.  I am very skinny and it is perfect.

I was using syringes and pens for 9 years and after the first year I always bought the shortest. They worked great for me and for needles you could barely even feel them. I don't know why your endo would prefer longer ones.

the only difference is how far they will go in - if your daughter is on the lighter side, shorter ones should be fine, if your daughter is a little bigger, then long needles should be used to be sure that the insulin gets all the way under the skin.

I have scar tissue build up from years of injections, so I worry the shortest won't work for me. But, I use the "medium" (middle sized) pen needles. I agree -- the long ones seem scarier! But, it's all what you're used to. We only had the long ones for years and I was fine...

i use 8mm and they do me fine. dont hurt at all.

I also use 8 mm needles. They don't hurt and work perfectly well.