How long type 1?

i am interested to know  how long have  you been type 1 diabetic?



i have been type 1 for about 35 years now and i am complication free!      i am on 2 lantus and 3 humalog shots daily,

how about you all?


I will have lived with T1D 35 years in November of this year.

I've had some heart issues and a little retinopathy in one eye; but, otherwise I'm doing well, and not complaining!

I've been on an insulin pump for about 10 years now (Medtronic pump) and am currently using the continuous glucose monitor as well.

I have decent blood sugar control; my A1C most recent was 7.2 and hope to get it below 7 one day.

Hang in there!  One day, we'll take delivery of the cure and improve the quality of our lives accordingly!


It will be 9 years this coming November for me.

It will be 26 yrs. for me this November.

I am on injections (3) humalog and (1) levemir

I have early stages of kidney disease and had a mini stroke in Jan. 09


32 years in August.  Minimal complicatons so far.  Eyes good.  High blood pressure now under control with medication.  Small amounts of pretein in urine.  Lantus and Humalog.  a1cs hover between 7.0 and 7.5.  Taking it one day at a time becuase who knows what tomorrow will bring?

I have been living with type 1 diabetes for 35 years and it looks like I am in good company.

20 years in December. I've got quite a few complications starting just a few years after diagnosis. Nothing that can keep me down, though. :o)

I've been T1 for 12yrs now(just passed my anniversay date), and no complications yet and have been on a MiniMed pump for the past 6yrs.

22 years, no complications.  I was on injections/pens for the first 18 years and started pumping 4 years ago.

I've had diabetes for 41 years now. I've had a few complications from diabetes - but nothing that I can't cope with - trigger finger, frozen shoulder, diabetic mastopathy (got a whole new breast out of that complication due to doctor not knowing what it was UNTIL I presented him with the facts - duhhhh - he's a doctor he should have known). I started pumping last year - and am enjoying better A1C's now (last one was 5.8 - usually I was in upper 6's - 7.0 range). If I do go back to MDI tho' - I've learned alot with pumping that I can transfer - so I should do much better then before.

10 months, 5 days, diagnosed last year at age 32

2 Levemir, and Humalog to bolus as needed

Pens or syringes, hoping to get on the Medtronic pump/CGM soon....


I've been type 1 for almost 36 years, which means approximately 35,000 injections.

I'm one of the fortunate ones in that I haven't suffered any of the debillitating side affects of type 1. I'm fighting fit and healthy, apart from some slight eye damage and minor brain damage from a massive hypo 28 years ago.

Next year I'm walking across the Sahara desert in Morocco for 6 days in the Marathon des Sables. I have 3 goals for this, in addition to the selfish pleasure of seeing the sunrise in the desert. I am using this opportunity to:

1/ show other type 1's that they can still live a full and adventurous life
2/ educate the public about the important difference between type 1 and type 2
3/ raise funds for JDRF to help them find a cure

You can follow along with my training and experiences at my training blog - - and on Facebook. If anyone can help me get the word out to the media, it will help all type 1's in the world.

Alex of Oz

PS - a late addition after reading other posts - I also have Dupetryns Contracture (ie "Trigger Finger"). And I use pens with Humulin R and Humulin NPH in the morning and Humulin R in the evening


For 19 years now. Im 26 and no complications. I joined the site to help myself get in better control and learn. Im on 1 lantus shot and 2 humalog shots a day unless I need more humalog from eating more.

30 years this year. Don't know when exactly because I was 5 at the time. I am also complication free and happy for it every day. I am on the Minimed 522 pump and have had a pump for 9 years. I hope to make it another 30 complication free.



15years, no complications that we are aware of *knock on wood*. MDI.

31 years, more or less =)

hypertensive (controlled)

hypothyroid (controlled)

frozen shoulder...  sucks, I might add

prolific retinopathy (controlled)

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes April 29 1993 so I Have had diabetes for 16 years and almost 2 months I have been on an Insulin Pump since August 1994.  I don't have any complications at all. 



                                              Angela Little

It will be 30 or 31 years for me :)  still trying to pin point it but what does a year matter right? 

Like Joe - I have been battling a frozen shoulder and he's right, it sucks!  Other than that, things have been good to go. Knock on wood!

Hi Havana,

  I have been type 1  for 11 mo. Dxed in ICU DKA @ 52 yrs. old. I am on Lantus 30 in morning and Novalog 1-7.5 carb ratio A1c 13.2 when dxed since then 7.2, 7.4 and 6.8. I must say 35 years and no problems that gives me lots of hope as 20 years will make me in the 70's LOL Thanks

10 years.  I was diagnosed late at 29 years old.  It's been a big struggle.  Shots, then pump (6 years) and back to shots.  On the islet cell transplant clinical study list but not sure that I will go through with it.  Just started showing protein in the urine a couple of years ago.  Doing better now, A1C down to around 8.5.  First time that low ever!  :)