How long type 1?

Diagnosed thirteen years ago when I was 13.  Currently on Novolog and Lantus.

I was diagnosed at the age of 30...10 years now.  I have Medtronic pump/CGM but you might want to look into the Ping with Dexcom's CGM. I was not happy with the Medtronic CGM - lots of calibration errors and it only works good for 3 days (even though you can reprogram to use another 3).  I ordered the Ping and I am waiting for Dexcom to be approved by insurance.  Stay strong!  First years were a bit tough for me getting it at an older age and having to reevaluate my eating habits (liked ability to eat anything - was in good shape but liked my carbs).

19 years and I am on 1 shot of lantus in the morning, 1 shot of humalin at night and novolog everytime I eat. I was on the insulin pump for 7 years but decided to get off of it about 6-7 years ago.

Diagnosed in August of '87 at age 5. i'm 27 now... so that makes 22 years next month.

i'm on 2 shots of levemir and humalog  when i eat (usually 3 or 4 a day).

  13 years.

My 33rd anniversary is on July 24 (1976 was the year of diagnosis as a 7-year old kid).

I was diagnosed T1 45 years ago at age 13. I am a recovering diabetic.

Armed with little information on my disease, and a prognosis of a short life, I managed to nearly destroy myself by 25. Kidney issues are the only diabetes complicaton I am aware of that I have not had to deal with. 

Given this poor start, I have halted the progression of retinopathy (at the cost of one eye), reversed severe atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease, improved peripheral neuropathy and recovered from a Charcot fracture. All of this is the result of self education to become as knowlegable, and often more knowlegable, than my physicians. It also required much better BG control, exercise and a few well researched supplements.

I am physically active, ride horses for  leg exercise and mental health, still employed (MUST HAVE INSURNACE), travel internationally, and finally started on a pump (Omnipod) about a year ago.

I also have had Dupuytren's contracture in several fingers, but that I attribute the Vikings in my ancestry, not the diabetes.

I am pleased to see most here state that they have few complications. For the rest of us, recovery is the goal.


27 years dxd at 13.  The first 19 years were the hardest because I didn't want to accept it...the last 8 years have been pretty darn good!  A few minor issues that are well controlled now...slight neuropathy and some vision changes.

Not really that bad - I consider myself very lucky since my control was so poor the first 19 years.  

Started on regular and nph, then moved to humalog and lantus.  Now on the OmniPod pump and loving it! 

I was diagnosed in March 1968... so that makes 41 yrs for me.

I have had surgery for a detached retina, right eye, and laser surgery in both eyes several times... the last laser I had was 7 yrs ago - so that's good.  Other than that, I'm great!  I cross my fingers every day that no new complications develop...

12 years this June.

Nothing on the fritz yet. Let's hope not ever.

Just joined this community... so glad to find it.

I've been T1 for 18 years... since i was 16. I take 2 shots of lantus and 4-6 shots of novolog each day.

About 3 years ago, i was told that i had a microaneurysm in my left eye... went to the opthamologist last week and that bad boy is gone. My eyes are clear! I have the beginnings of neuropathy in my legs and hands... just pain and intense cramping but no wound healing issues. I also have fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism and arthritis in my knees, shoulders & neck (from various car accidents, horseback riding accidents, soccer & assorted other good times). But all in all, i guess i'm doing pretty well.

- brody

I was diagnosed in February of 1996 at age 8, so about 13 1/2 years. I have been on the minimed pump since October of 2002. I am happy to say, no complications!

It'll be 2 years in October, the 25th to be exact. That's when I woke up in ICU with a Doctor telling me I'm a type 1 diabetic. My blood sugar spiked to almost 1100.

Originally on 1 lantus and 4 novolog shots daily, but since then I have lost 35 lbs and now just lantus a few times a week. Last a1c was 5.8. Cholesterol and BP good now, kidneys have rebounded amazingly. Enjoying the health while I still have it.

I've had DM for 47 years....I'm 52 years old....look forward to hitting the half-century with DM !!   Remember glass syringes and  reusable needles that you had to boil to purify between uses.....had  to sharpen the needles on occasion.  Also remember as a kid--only urine glucose testing with  Clinitest Tabs (anyone else this old?).....a BLUE result was sugar in the urine....RED/BROWN, you were in trouble....high bloodsugar !  Then we advanced to TESTAPE....litmus paper.  Best inventions through the years.....blood testing meter, disposable syringes, and the pump.(wish they could make it a bit smaller). Back in the '60's only diet soda was DIET RITE and what a treat it was...saccharine was it for sugar alternatives.    I'm virtually complication-free...had 2 healthy boys in my 30's ( alot of work, but certainly worth it!).  My philosophy has been to do the best I can, maintaining a normal lifestyle without driving myself crazy for perfection.   I have rambled on here, but just discovered this site and glad to become a member.......

Jan,  Wow, I am deserve a medal!  That just reminded me, once I read something on Eli-Lilly literature about receiving a medal if you have been a diabetic for a long time.  I don't remember the details, but do recall wanting one, ha,ha! (will research that again).  I have a friend who has told me the stories of boiling the needles and such.  I do remember initially using the urine strips as well, then got my blood sugar meter shortly after diagnosis (1980).  My favorite drink at that time became Tab, loved it at the time and was mad when they quit making it after they inntroduced Diet coke.  Later, I thought it was horrible!  I remember when restaurants and amusement parks (frequented Six Flags as teenager) did not sell any diet drinks, it stunk!  Low sugar or sugar free items were hard to find.  One day, hopefully soon, we will be saying... Remember when we use to take insulin shots and use a pump?  (sorry MiniMed).


Joslin has the medalist program at: 

I think Lilly's Award program is at:

May be worth looking into - I mean it's not every day we get positive stuff for putting up with the "D," right?



I was Dx @ age 35, so it is 15 years this month!  3 years in I developed autonomic neuropathy, which is pretty scary, was on a feeding tube for 3 months last year, but that has resovled and am doing pretty well. no other complications. I feel very very lucky to have gotten this AFTER I had my children. I have a minimed pump and cgms.  I just found this site and I am so happy to find other T-1s  I get pretty sick and tired of all of the focus being on T-2,

A little over over 21 years.

i'm 22 and i've had T1 for almost 8 years. i've gone back and forth between 2 lantus/4-5 novolog shots per day and using an animas pump. don't have the best control even when i'm on the pump (A1C is usually well over 8.0).  i find that stress in college, and now in grad school really has an effect on my sugars but i deal with it the best i can. no complications yet, i'm hoping that lasts as long as possible!

51 1/2 years, am on the pump and sensor, complication free.  Also am going to Boston for the clinical study in October.  My 50 year medal I hang in my room proudly.  I have been married for 34 years and have a 16 year old daughter, who is driving now!!!!