How long until a new pump?

(warning.. kind of a rant)

so i have minimed paradigm 722, and the whole tubing thing is really getting to me. i'm don't think that i am doing anything wrong, but the tubing keeps breaking,  like every day or every other day. i'm also tired of having the tubing in the way, etc.

does anyone know how long you have to wait to get a new insulin pump? i think it depends on insurance (i have aetna), but i really have no idea. i'm starting to think that i should have gone with my gut instinct and gotten the omnipod. but my parents and i agreed that for my first pump i should get the minimed (well actually that was their idea). as i near my first year anniversary of diagnosis, i am thinking about how i wanted the omnipod only then.

also, does anyone have any ideas about how to keep the tubing out of the way and to keep it from breaking?

thank youu :)

For my insurance, I can get a new pump every 2 years.  I have a Minimed Paradigm 522, and I don't have any problems with the tubing.  I also think that Minimed pumps are under warranty for 2 years (don't quote me on that).  Do you know about the recall that Minimed had regarding some of the infusion sets?  Maybe that's part of your problem.  Is your tubing the correct length for your size?  Not too long or too short?  Good luck.

i have tha paradigm link(i think its tha 722, ba i know it as link lol) tha insurance i have covers a new one every 5 years..i have BCBS. and mine just tottaly quit on me taday, and im na due for a new one until half way through m,a senior year(next year).

ma tubing breaks all tha time too. i dono why it does it either. i have ta change tha tubing about every day from it breaking. so i wish i could helpl you, but i cant because it does it ta me too.

all i can do is tell you that im right there with you going through tha same thing.