How Long?

So for those experienced pumpers and not so experienced pumpers, I am curious about how long it normally takes to change out your infusion set or CGM? Are you like me and change it all at the same time or do you do it separately?

I tend to take about 10 - 15 minutes to do a full change of both pump and CGM. Personally I try to fill the reservoir up at night to let it sit and air bubbles to gather before I use it. The next morning I will get up remove old infusion set and CGM if it is day six. Shower and than begin the process of putting in CGM, and infusion set, with the rewind and junk.

i just started the pump and am not on the CGM yet, but do you leave your pump infusion set in for 6 days? I was told to change mine every 3 days...

My friend has the pump, (I'm jealous....because I want one sooo bad), and he changes his every 3 days -- 4 would be the max...

usually it takes me ten minutes to change my site/ set. if i am having problems with it then it takes about 20 minute. 

I think I am about the same 10 minutes. I always take a shower first so my body is nice and clean. I never let it sit the night before mainly because I am a last minute kinda gal! haha

Firstly, in answer to Cass' question, I think Brian meant changing his CGM site every six days.  Although I only use a pump, without a CGM, I believe they(the CGM) only have to be changed every six days, as opposed to the pump infusion site, which is recommended to be changed every 2 to 3 - although I don't know if anyone changes it every two days...  Why would you want to do it more often that necessary!

It takes me about 5 to 10 minutes also to change my infusion site.  As for the insulin reservoir, I only change it when it is empty - or close to it.  I feel it's such a shame to waste insulin by changing the reservoir with each site change.  Also, I used to shower before changing my site but I discovered that if my body is warm from the shower water, it seems to hurt more when I insert the site.  Now, I clean the area with IV Prep, change the site, then shower afterwards.  For me, it works out better.

I also fill the reservoir at night when I know I'm going to be changing it the next day.  No particular reason why...  I just do!


Well i've been pumping about a week in a half and only have had to do three site/reservoir changes. The first I did with my doctor... took a while because we were having problems lol

Changing just the reservoir took me about 10 minutes, but it was my first time and I had the instruction booklet out and everything! haha (my roommate was like... what are you doing!?)

My doctor told me it is easier to change the infusion set and the reservoir at the same time. I agree 100% because for me it's just easier to only have to worry about one thing, every three days, rather than two at different times. (just works with my schedule). So I only fill the reservoir to about 10 units over my average for 3 days. It works really well. So from now on I plan on changing the infusion set whenever the reservoir runs out (should be three days if planned correctly).

But yesterday, I found out I can change my reservoir & infusion set in about 5 mins... but i was moving FAST! I had to get to my doctor appointment (go figure) and my pump was yelling at me that it needed to be fed! haha. So I grabbed everything set it all on my desk and it took me 5 mins! I was surprised, but I think next time... I'm going to have to go a little slower just to make sure I do everything correctly and don't forget anything.

The 6days was for the CGM not infusion normally.

The 6 days was for the CGM not infusion normally.

Wow.. 3 days, we were told to change our pump site every other day.  I wonder if it matters what pump or infusion sets you use?

I do not like to waste insulin either, the first time I was told to just toss my still full reservoir, I was very mentally upset. I do try to change it every three days on a cycle so that it works more. Even though I do dave the 300 unit reservoir, I never really fill it more than I guess about 175 to 180 units that way I am meeting my normal daily average and should be able to last the three days without much waste. With what it costs me per bottle of humalog ($96). Granted I get reimbursed and all, it still makes me cringe to throw any of the insulin out.

Being an ex-banker I hate to see wasted money. I mean I could be earning money off of the money I saving by keeping my insulin use to a minimum. I mean on the $96 if I can keep from tossing out a bottles worth of insulin a month (exaggeration of course) I could keep that $96 in my savings account and earn a penny off of the interest. Stupid interest rates, but that is another issue not diabetes related.

Five minutes is impressive, I know it can be done when we are in a pinch to change it, it may not be the most comfortable change or fluid but when rushed the 5 minute time period can be used.

Minimed recommends that you change the site every 2-3 days, since the prescription is written for me in such a way, I go every three days since if i did it every two days my supplies would run out.

Also, the only reason I fill the reservoir at night is because sometimes you do get the air bubble issue, I figure if I take my time, no rushing involved in filling the reservoir I will limit the amount that enter. Plus, the following morning I can re-tap and get rid of 99% of the bubbles.

I'm not leading the "normal" life right now since I'm pretty much being a bum at home till I start school again :)  That being said, I change the pump or CGM separately when I have no insulin left or my sensor has passed 6 days.  However, once I start school again, I have to stick with the whole change it all at the same time for the convenience of saving myself the extra worry of having to change any of the sites while in school.  As for how long it takes, I suppose on average it takes me about 5 minutes for the pump and much less time for the CGM (by this of course, I mean just the insertion, not the whole charging and waiting two hours to test my BG :P)

I ifnd it interesting that you fill the reservoir over night though.  It's never crossed my mind, but thankfully I've had no issues with air bubbles.

I hardly ever change the reservoir and the site on the same day anymore, but I still use Minimed 508 sites and I don't know if you're able to split it up so easily with Paradigm supplies.  I split them up because it allows me to use the full 300 units in the reservoir without having to take it out due to needing to change the infusion set, or vice-versa needing to put a new infusion set in just because I'm refilling the reservoir.

Reservoir takes me less than 5 minutes.  The infusion set itself takes me about 5-7 minutes, with 4 of those minutes just building up the courage to actually insert.

Lol, for me it's not the build up to insert, it is more the decison of where do I actually want to go this time. Not to mention sometimes I need to do some extra site preparation if I forget the night before. Hate being a guy sometimes.

The only reason I fill at night is just convenience, nevere really had problems at night, but some mornings my bed is so gosh darn comfortable and If I can spend extra time in it I try to. So one less thing in the morning that could be a problem is nice.

Ive had an Animas pump for a little over a year now...I change my site every 3-4 days as well...Usually doesnt bother me...but my skin has been sooooooo dry lately i want to cry lol... and i'm sorry can somebody tell me what a CGM is? i never heard of i missing out on something?!?! haha

On a side note, I have started to use cocoa butter for the skin being dry issue.