How Low can you go? how High can you Rise?

Hey,  I just wanted to know how low you've ever had your sugar lvls be, and how High your sugars have ever been. if you could explain the circumstances, or how long you had diabetes when this happened, or just a litle fact abot the time, it would be Nice.

Highest : 1360 - When First diagnosed, and I was on sugar IV at the time, so I was still climbing higher then this.

Lowest: 26- I had checked my sugar but it didnt register and I zoned out watching tv, 10 min. later my mom snapped me to attention and we saw my meter. SO I had probably lowered to around 20-22 at least, b4 I actually ate something, and I probably got a little lower while waiting for the sugar to kick in.

highest would be mid 500s, I was actually only in the 400s when diagnosed

lowest I think was 26 also

I'm not sure what my highest has been. I was either 678 or 768 when diagnosed, and I've had a few "over 500" readings, so I don't know what it actually was then.

Lowest: My meter read "under 20mg/dL", but the weird thing was that I felt completely normal. It was kind of scary. Besides that one, I was 27 once, but that was after having a couple of cups of apple juice. I felt low, had the juice, waited like 10 minutes, and then checked and got the 27 reading, so I had to have been in the teens then also.

Highest: 588 when I was first diagnosed.

Lowest: 13 when I was camping with some friends. Apparently I woke up in the morning and tried to walk over to where we kept all of the food but kept passing out every 2 or 3 seconds and falling down. One of my friends brought me food so that I would be ok. Funny thing is, I don't remember any of it.

it's the diabetic limbo!

i asked my mom a couple days ago. she said when i was diagnosed it was over 1000, but he doesn't remember the exact number. it was pretty obvious i was diabetic :o)

my lowest was in the upper teens (maybe 17... 19...?). i don't remember exactly. i passed out, but came around on my own without glucagon or anything. luckily my family was with me so i wasn't alone. it was a looooooong time ago, though. i think i was still in elementary school.

can you tell i'm awesome about remembering stuff?

My lowest sugar was 14 and my highest was 817.

My lowest was 10. I had a bad case of the stomach flu and knew I was having a bad reaction.  I ate a candy bar and drank a whole Pepsi, but it did not help. Only gave me really bad gas. Drove myself home and then my wife took me to the Dr. Where they gave my Glucagon. Funny how I was able to still drive.

I know I've been at 925 before when diagnosed, but think I was higher in the days leading up to the first Dr visit.

the highest i have been was prob 1200 when i was first diagnosed. my lowest was also 26-28 three years ago. i had just had ihop for dinner, so i took a bunch of insulin for my carbs and correction. then my family and i were going on a plane to take us back to illinois from marco island,fl(if u ever get the chance to go, its amazing. welcome to paradise) when all of a sudden i got so sleepy, i fell asleep in a matter of seconds. my mom made me get up and check, and i was 26-28. she pressed the call button and someone came over and helped us. i felt much better about 15-20 minutes later. thanks goodness my mom was there with me. hopefully i wont go that low with my pump. i start on the saliene october 6th and the insulin october 8th.

When diagnosed I think I was in the 600's, but I can no longer remember. It was enough to scare my parents and drag me from my grandmothers house. The lowest I have gone is low 20's never hit the teens though.

Lowest was 27 when I was in 4th grade and had just answered a question in social studies.  I knew I was low but didn't know I was THAT low.  Highest was probably over 600 when the meter said HI, but I can't remember a specific instance when this happened, but I think it's happened...I've definitely been in the 500s though.