How Low Has Your Child Gone?

Hi, my son is 6 years old.  He was diagnosed on Jan. 3, 2011.  He comes running in the house about a month ago saying, "Mom, I feel dizzy".  He usually just complains of being hungry and shakey when he is low, so I told him to check his BS.  He and his 7 year old sister yell out at the same time, "MOM IT'S 19!!"  19?  I quickly snatched the glucometer out of his hand and conducted a control test just to make sure the meter was working.  It was.  I gave him some OJ and it quickly went up to 78.  I wondered why he was coherent and speaking to me.  Crazy.  I am an RN, and we have Type 2's being admitted seizing at 40!  I guess it goes to show how our Type 1's can adjust and "roll" with the lows....

We recently had a 24 for a low and scared the crap out of me but my son was fine.  I called the doctors office last year after a 45 and asked how low can he be before a seizure?? As this was a worry for me and they told me some kids will seize in the 60's!  So we are soooo lucky that it hasn't happened and cross my fingers it nevers does.

I believe it was 29 once, or even lower.  It's terrifying isn't it?   ugh  Have you guys ever had to give the glucagon?

No we've never had to give glucagon, luckily.  Our son is starting to be able to tell us better when he's low, which is nice.  But there have been times and still are when we just happen to check him and find he's extremely low and you'd never now it looking at him and he says he feels fine. Then after we give him a treatment you can tell he starts feeling bad. I think when his blood sugar goes back up so quickly it makes him feel bad.   We have been blessed with not having to many complications w/things so far other than he can be hard to regulate.

Hello everyone.  Our daughter's lowest has been 2.2.  We have never had to use glucagon, but I take it out periodically to make sure I am familiar enough in case of emergency. 


My son usually catches his low around 45.. It has gone to 35 though.. They made him a 1:20 ratio because he was dropping after dinner.. After about 1 month at 1:20 he was runnin like 270 at night so they made him 1:18... and tonight an hour after dinner he was 45...

My son's lowest was 29. He didn't feel good and his vision was decreased, but he was fine after 2 juice boxes. Then a few months later he was 55 and had a seizure. How does it happen at 55 but not 29? odd

We have a low were it just said LOW on the meter which I was told is under 29 and he said he felt fine but just last week he had a 59 and he became very confused and clumsy we took him to the ER and they told us it was probably due to his BS dropping to fast.  So maybe when they were lower it was a gradual decline.  Now I am scared to death every time both of my boys go under 80. 

A couple weeks ago my son was tested at 27!! He was showing absolutely no symptoms of low bg until maybe a few minutes before we tested him!!!!! I am also a T1 and when i get into the low 60's I can usually feel that Im getting low. My son doesnt seem to recognize it. It is a very scary thing for me and even scarier for my husband because at that point there are times that he doesnt want to eat. My husband will get panicked and then my son gets resistant!!!! I at times have to have my husband leave the room and slowly coax my son to take a sip of juice at a time until he gets enough in him to want to drink or eat something!!

hi my son is 12 now he was diagnosed may 27 , 2007  he has went down to 29 when we went swimming and never passed out but he was 42 and passed out hit his chin on his dresser and got 9 stitches so i dont understand either i am a cna and my husband a lpn and we see older people  seizing at 40 too . its amazing what are kids go through.