How low is the lowest you've gone?

Today after school I tested cause I felt low, and I was 1.9! I was feeling so blech!  The secratary (an amazing lady) couldn't get a hold of my parents, and when she got a hold of my dad, he was on the other side of the city and ready to send an ambulance. But it was all good in the end, it was still pretty scary.

Seriously?! 1 POINT 9? How were you still able to check? That's scary! The lowest I've been is 42 and I was bout passing out in class just from that. Took 4 sugar tabs, crackers and a juice box just to get me back to normal! o.O

That isn't the same scale. SHe is in Canada where they use millimoles

My daughter was at 37 once. 

Ive been 1.5 in the morning last week while i was sleeping. If it wasnt for a friend calling me non-stop and manageing to rouse me as she ran the block to my house from hers i may not be here. From now on my bf has to wake me up before he goes to work to test and eat something small if needed.

i was 15 the other day. my body is shutting down. ER wont do anythign it seems. frustrating sometimes. wounds on both legs and 1 foot. and abdominal swelling oye

ive been down to 15 last monday. my body is shutting down.  :( wounds on both legs and on 1 foot

I went down to 36 once

Those days are bad =( I've been diabetic since I was 1 and when I was little I spent a while in the 20's before my parents could get it up. I've only been down there once or twice more that I can remember. The scariest low I had was probably when I didn't wake up on time for school and my mom had gotten a juice box, and the meter said I was in the hundreds, so I got ready quick and drove to school before I was 100% better (after these episodes it normally takes an hour or two before I'm back to normal). When I got to school I finally "woke up" and realized where I was, which was not the bed I thought I should be in, and started crying. My friends, and my sister stood their stunned. Luckily my band director noticed that something wasn't right and that I probably needed the school nurse and everything turned out ok. My parents no longer leave me unattended after one of these morning lows!

When I was pregnant I with my second son I passed out and when I woke up I was in the ER and they told me my blood sugar had got down to 13!  The doctor told me that he had never seen a patient with a blood sugar of 13 before.  He was amazed at how fast I came back around after getting intravenous dextrose...  I have had a few close calls...

I went down to 28 about a month aftere I was diagnosed.

14 is the lowest i have ever been.. i was maybe 10 and was at the after school program and i dont really remember what i did... probably sat and ate something..

I've been in the teens, but don't think meters go that low anymore. 

Before getting my insulin pump I had hypo unawareness, so I'd be walking around, feeling fine and be shocked when I tested my blood and it was in the 20s.  

The lowest i've been (recorded) was 23. I probably had moments before i was diagnosed that could have been lower.. But those days are definitely the worst ones...

the lowest i ever gone was 43 and that was in 2010 and i was under a lot of stress

Yeah, I just kept  drinking juice, eating granola bars, and eating glucose.

I was 28 just the other day after work.  I was amazingly coherent.  I have been down in the teens once or twice.

It's been a couple of years ago. I was at a dog show, feeling low I checked my BS. It was 13! I told myself not to panick.  I only had a small apple to eat. Fifteen minutes later is was up to 19, I needed more to eat. I did something really stupid. I drove my car to the nearest place that have something to eat. I drank a regular pepsi. After coming to my senses I realized how lucky I was not to have passed out and hurt someone or myself. I go no where without candy on my body.


It was a couple of years ago. I was at a dog show. Feeling low I checked my BS, it was 13! I told myself not to panick. I only had a small apple to eat. Fifteen minutes later I was up to 20. Then I did something really STUPID. I drove my care to the nearest place that had food. I drank a regular pepsi. When I came to my senses, I was grateful that I hadn't passed out and hurt anyone or myself. Now I never go anywhere without candy on my body!


when i was four, just a few months after i was diagnosed, i went really low but didn't realize it and had a seizure. luckily this happened while i was at the doctors office so they knew what to do :p my doctor gave me a glucagon shot and then i was fine, but it was scary!

50 after some intense biking