How low is the lowest you've gone?

58 - 3:30pm had some OJ

149 by 5pm

I once had a low that got down to 22. I was asleep and when I woke up and tried to get out of bed I could not move any part of my body. I could still speak though and was able to have someone call 911. It was very scary. I haven't had that happen since but BS often falls in 40's and 50's but is easily treated.

^^^ That would be very scary!

The lowest blood sugar reading I have had is 36, I believe (Somewhere in the 30's). However, I remember I did not feel that low, and when I saw 36 on my meter I could not believe it! 

hi 50's during overnite hours after taking some action was 87 by 7:03 am

My average for 4/21 was 87

31 day average is 111

Once, my meter read LO, which it only does under 20 mg/dL (about 1.1 mmol), so I actually don't know how low I technically was. It was incredibly scary, especially since I had insulin working, but no food.

The lowest blood sugar i've ever had was 27, not a fun time

The lowest I've been coherent for was 34 (diagnosed at 2), but had a few seizures when I was little... you don't exactly bother to check with those til after the glucagon...

The lowest I can remember being is 21, and I was able to eat and drink to bring it up no ER visit. I also rememer a reading of LOW so who knows what it was then. I think my sister was 15 once she also ate something and was ok.

15 for me, i started tripping out, seeing cartoons out of the tv

i had hit 15 as well. EMS tells me after 7 times to home in 1 month roughly,theyre taking me to hops on next trip

but i had hit 15, was at back of house. gained a modicum of sense. somehow dialed 911 , after vomiting on myself along with urination and all things unpleasant. crawled tofront of house ot let them in/  not pleasant in the least little bit

I was 27 once when I was in fourth grade.  I felt low, but not extraordinarily low, and right before I checked and treated I managed to answer a question in history class.  

43 the other night! scary!!

once i was 34 i was SUPER SHAKY!!!!!

My lowest was 32, I didn't feel like I was that low though.

Earlier today I knew I was low but didn't check because I was close to my dorm anyways, so I rode my bike back to my dorm, tested, and I was 40! That was scary because by the time I tested, I felt like I was starting to zone out...

Well, you all are winners in my mind. I hit 11 once, maybe the meter was lying. It's great to read these stories, I was sure I was not the only 1 with lows.

I had mine last Dec while on a vacation. My bestfriend and I have to finish 724 steps to get on top of a mountain. My sugar was 9.6 before we started but when we reach the top it went down to 3.4, good thing i had my first aid on hand.

The lowest I've ever been was 39. Interestingly enough I didn't feel that low.