How many carbs did you have today? (thanksgiving version)

I came no where close to that ridiculous 926 I had that other time but I was at a solid 472 anyways.


about 450

I lost count of how much I ate this year. I increased my temp basal and ran with it. At least over 250 carbs. I am still working that meal off.

i know well over 400

me too, over 400 i had stuffing for breakfast!

556 -- Buffalo Turkey Trot in the morning tired me out.

We ate dinner at 1:30. That was 120g. Then pie and ice cream around 5. That was another 130g (yes, more carbs in my pie than dinner! :)) And then supper at about 7, was 100g.

But I also ate breakfast and a snack at 11 or 12. Sooo around 450. Oh yeah plus those yummy chocolate-covered pecans.....

hmm pancakes for breakfast so there was about 80 in that meal then pizza for lunch so about 60 then supper was potatoes, pie, and all the other amazing thanksgiving food and that was about 250 so all together thats what? 390 or so? lol