How many carbs for a slice of pizza?- The unanswered question!

I usually put in 27 carbs for a slice of pizza, but even if i put in 100 carbs for one slice i would still have high BGs!!

OK, so maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration...

But how many do you put in? Does that keep your blood sugars in check?...

Lemme knowww.. :)

It depends on the size. If it's like from pizza hut or domino's,I do 22. But if it's bigger,I usually do anywhere from 30-50

depends also on crust type. my fam doesn't like the thin crust so we usually get the bigger and that is about 50 per slice. But also, pizza is one of those strange foods that takes a while to get there, so if you are on a pump, I would suggest doing something like an extended bolus or just wait a big to actually get the insulin. I know it sounds strange but pizza is a slow food. Sometimes after eating it, I'll go low, eat something free and then shoot up because the pizza finally got there.

Well, I usually eat Papa Johns or Pizza hut or something. I usually count for 20-30 carbs for like a normal size. But if you have a big thick crusted piece like maybe 40ish... i have pizza almost every other friday. I count for about 30g.

Hope this helps!!! :)

Sometimes pizza kills blood sugars because all of the fat makes the carbs absorb later so, for me, i can be fine for the 2 hours my insulin is active and go high a little bit after that, or I might even go low originally and high later. If you're on a pump it might help to use a dual/square wave bolus (combo bolus on animas) to spread out when you get the insulin.