How many doctors, and how many visits?

Hi ladies. I just moved to North Carolina (Research Triangle area) from Long Island, New York. I JUST started my new job, and health insurance will kick in in one month. My husband and I would LOVE to be pregnant within about a year. I've had type 1 for 17 1/2 years. My las a1c was 7.0 -- I know I need to do better than that, and I know I can.

I was just wondering... how many different doctors/specialists should I expect to need to see in order to prepare for pregnancy, as well as during pregnancy? How frequently would you ladies say you needed to visit with these doctors prior to and during pregnancy? Since I've just started a new job, I was worried about being out of the office a whole lot for these visits.

Any words of advice are greatly appreciated!!!!

Oh, and if you happen to be from the North Carolina area and feel like recommending some doctors, that would also be VERY much appreciated!

Thank you for your support and your time!!

I see my regular doctor (she is a regular practictioner r and women's health), a maternal and fetal medicine specialist, my endocronologist, diabetic educator, nutritionist, physical therapist, and my doula/massage therapist.

I feel like I am at the doctor all the time... I usually have 1-2 appts a week at least, but I'm sure they can help you work around it.. I work 4 to 12s so it isn't so hard for me.

I see my endo once a month, my educator usually twice a month and have regular phone contact with her, only had to see my nutritionist twice so far, my reg doctor once a month unless I need to see her more, my maternal fetal med specialist once a month until it goes to every other week here soon, my physical therapist 2 or 3x a week (because I have sciatica and lots of pain in hips and legs), and my doula/massage therapist whenever I need to. So some of these are more "optional" but I feel like I am getting great care and always know what's going on and know my little one is doing well and I'm doing all I can do!

Good luck! (and don't worry my pregnancy was unexpected and my A1c was a 9 when I concieved and everything with baby is looking great so far at 27 weeks).

one more side not... make sure you have a diabetic educator or nurse who is very educated in diabetes and can be on the other end of the phone for you whenever you need them, i've been diabetic for 21 years and being pregnant I have learned soooooo much more about diabetes and I don't know what I would do without my educator there to help and support me... when you are pregnant all those decision you felt comfortable making by yourself are suddenly not so easy and you're not so sure about them it's great to have help!

I was going to my OBGYN once a month and my endocrinologist once a month, but starting just last week my OBGYN wants to see me every 2 weeks (I'm 26 weeks along). I also see an eye doctor about every 3 months just to make sure I don't have any worsening nerve damage in my retinas.

Thanks so much for the help and info. My first step is, obviously, to find some good doctors. I'm worried about finding an adult endo who is familiar with type 1 (most seem to see mostly type 2s), and an OB/GYN who has actually had a type 1 patient before! That'd be great. It seems those two doctors will be the two I'll need to see the most frequently. Also, what about a perinatologist? How frequently should they be seen?

I feel like there should be a group on here just about finding doctors in one's area!!

Thanks again!

I see my maternal and fetal medicine doc (same as a perinatalogist) once a month for now and will go to every two weeks here soon as I am entering third trimester. I have not let them take over my diabetic care... I feel you need an endo/internalist and a diabetic educator/nurse you're comfortable with and I don't think my maternal and fetal med doc knows enough about diabetes to take care of my blood sugars and stuff.