How Many People Have 3 Children With Type 1

My name is Paul and i am sitting in the hospital as i type with my third daughter (of5) which is 13  has just been diagnosed. We have a 16 and a 6 year old as well.All i have done all day is try to find statistics to make some sense of this. It seems to be rare to have 3 siblings. There are statistics for having two all over the place.

At this point i am heartbroken for all my girls and i am also pretty angry.


I was hoping someone could tell me what the statistics for having 3 out of 5 siblings be type 1. Thanks so much for any help or answers you may be able to provide.

I am sorry to hear this and I know it must be hard, but stay positive I cannot emphisiz how inportant it is to to feed then as healthy as possible! Feed the heaps of greens and alot of lean meat.  Keep the good work up!

I know a family that just had their 2nd of 4 kids diagnosed. I feel for you Paul. I have three kids but only one with Type 1. I sure hope it stays that way.