How Many People With Diabetes Do You Know Off-Line?

Before I joined any of the online diabetes communities I only knew a few people with diabetes in my personal life and most of them were either from High School or much older than I am. So, how many people do you know off-line that have diabetes? And, I'm curious what community/city/town you live in?


that ive met in person? 6.

that i know from facebook through friends that live in my town but we haven't actually meet? 1.


not that i talk to any of them on a regular basis tho. they are either people i work with on a professional level for my job, people i went to school with, people i know from the bar, from volunteering, or from other friends.

6 people that are not on this site.


only one that I talk to regularly.

None that I talk to regularly...  and probably 2 that I still have contact with who don't live in NE anymore.

O with T1 that I've talked to more than once. Too many T2s to count. (family members)

One that I work with, but I don't even know if she knows that I do also, and one wife of a classmate who i've never met.

I don't know anyone with Type 1 Diabetes off line.

Before this site I only knew my sister, and a guy on my rugby team. If you count people from here whom I've actually met and hung out with...probably 5 or 6? Plus just random people who I've seen wearing pumps and talked to about it.

6 I think,  mostly people in my family

4 from my town and atleast what like 75 from camp (diabetes camp :P)

I know no type 1s and maybe 4/5 type 2s, my mother being one.  I'm the only type 1 in the family.  My mother is the only type 2.   So I have no idea how I ended up like this.

Bad genes, bad luck, bad karma

2 . . . I wish I was better friends with them, but sometimes people are just incompatable.

Like 120 maybe?  (100 from diabetes camp, 9 others that still go to my school, the rest that went to my school or I happened to meet at random events...)  I used to have a best friend with diabetes because we went to the same elementary school, and diabetes pretty much began our friendship.  I'm still friends with her but we aren't as close anymore, although we still talk about diabetes and such. 


I'm not sure about Type 2s, but I know about 6 Type 1s.

I have not met any personally, other than those that I casually talk to that I have met from this site.

I know two.

Three that i know personally but they are all in my family,,,ironically i have not really bumped into any other type ones here in Kansas City. The most i have encountered have all been type two diabetics.