How many pumps have you had?

When you buy a pump-How long will it last ? If you want another pump,will insurance ok that ? Like if you have a pump and decide to change to a pod .

My third pump went out of warranty about two months ago. Medicare won't replace it for another ten months, unless there is a failure in my current Cozmo. My first pump was a MM506 in 1995, before I reached Medicare age. My second pump was a MM508 in 2000, and my third pump was a Cozmo in 2005. I'm leaning towards an Animas Ping for my next pump.

mine lasted 4 years. and i'm on my 2nd one

i got my first one when i was almost 6, and it lasted a few months then stopped working. then i got a new one and it lasted a few years. ive had the paradigm link pump for a few years now, and ive gone through 3 of them. the one i currently have messes up a lot. bcbs only covers a new one every 5 years, and im not due for another year.

I think I've had just three, although I may have had to replace one because of technical difficulties.  The only reason I've changed pumps is because the models have been updated, but replacing them every 3 years is a good idea so that nothing bad happens from having the pump too long.  My last one I had about 4 years and by that time the batteries were dying faster and the pump's clock kept slowing down. 

Five, three out of warrantee and two upgrades.

Two Desitronics and three MM.

i've had 4 pumps that have been replaced through new warranties (2 medtronic, 1 deltec, 1 animas). between the 2 medtronic warranties, i had to replace the entire pump only once. the deltec i replaced 3 times, and the animas i've only replaced once. so, i suppose in total, i've had about 7 pumps in 10.5 years. a lot of the time i've replaced them, not because they're broken, but because i've scratched the screen or i dropped the pump or something. with the exception of the deltec (which was a complete piece of poo), i've very rarely ever had one truly break and need replacement. i've never paid more than $500 for a pump either. all the replacements have been paid for by the pump companies and insurance typically paid for most of the pump when the warranty was up.

3 pumps for me:

1--my first one Medtronic Paradigm 515

2--Medtronic Paradigm 515 had the CGM ability on it.

3 (current)--Medtronic Paradigm 722 also has CGM, but is bigger to hold more insulin I need

Mine are sturdy and last a long time, the first 2 had no problems at all when I changed in.

Well I'm on my third one now.

1. Animas2020 (silver)

2. Animas2020 (pink)

The one I'm currently using is an Animas2020 (green)

I've had 2, mine got replaced within a year, it was having issues, so Animas just replaced it!!

i have the Animas ping (pink!) 

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When you buy a pump-How long will it last ? If you want another pump,will insurance ok that ? Like if you have a pump and decide to change to a pod .


Hi Meme :)

I have had five pumps. Excluding the one I have now they were all Minimed/Medtronic insulin pumps and they all lasted about 3-4 years.

As far as insurance goes I am sure that it differs by insurance, but I can tell you that my Medtronic was still under warranty when I recently switched to the Ping and my insurance tried (miserably) to fight me on it. Being that my Medtronic was so out dated I was able to "win" the dispute and move on over to the Ping (which I love with all of my heart).


I am on number two. MM722 was great but just traded it in for an Animas Ping. Loved them both.

You have to wait till your warranty is up to switch. Or else insurance won't cover your new one. But you have to keep track because insurance won't. hope that helps.