How Many Sick Days Did You Take From Work/School Last Year?

We ran an article on Diabetes News Hound this morning claiming that diabetes costs the U.S. economy $218 billion a year. Check out the article here: Diabetes Costs U.S. Economy $218 Billion Per Year

Basically it broke down the costs into medical costs and loss of productivity in the workplace due to the disease. I am curious how many sick days y'all have taken. 

Zero. For us, sick days count as PTO days so if you take a sick day you lose a potential vacation day.

I have yet to take any sick days because of diabetes.......  Do people do that? 

Three days when I was diagnosed with diabetes.  I was in the hospital so I couldn't go to work.  My job is the same as Pat's though where if you take a sick day it counts as PTO and you end up losing a potential vacation day, so unless I'm dying I go to work.  Those 3 days I was in the hospital so I couldn't go to work.

My daughter missed 5 school days last year, but three of those days she was in the hospital newly dx.




4-just sick

I hate how studies like this are so skewed.  It does not break it down for type 1 vs. type 2 diabetes.  Often type 1 diabetics are in better control having lived with it for so much of their life thus their sick days are less or better managed.  But I doubt there are any studies out there about that. 

I wish type 1 was called something completely different so type 1 would not get lumped in with type 2 which is what people know so much about and is so completely different, but I guess that is another post...

-Meg (Emmies mom, diagnosed 10/29/09, at age 4 almost 5)

Riley missed like 9 days 4 of those were in the hospital. The others were before the dx but D related we just didnt know yet.

zero sick days and i havent taken a sick day cause diabetes since i was like 8 probrably

Zero! Then again I'm one of those weirdos that hates missing school or work haha

I agree that I've never taken a sick day for a blood sugar / D reason. I maybe took 5 sick days last year for me or my son being old-fashioned sick.

BUT, I DO take more "sick" days than my co-workers for dr's appts. Luckily, I can apply them to my 10 sick days a year I get.

i am one of those wierdos that hates missing school too!

I have yet to take a day for myself for diabetic reasons.  It would come out of my PTO hours also and I sure as heck am not filing for FMLA.  I have diabetes, diabetes doesn't have me--why give it one more day to control what I do? 

i missed a couple weeks in 2009, only 2 of them were because of diabetes (i had 3 failed pump sites 3 days in a row so my BGs were 5 million with lots of ketones--i felt really sick). the rest was just being sick. i was in school full time, working 3 jobs... i got sick a lot. hopefully it will be different now that i'm just working.

I took 2 sick days and those were from 2 separate stomach bugs.  I don't believe that I've ever taken a day simply due to DM.  I have filled out FMLA papers on a yearly basis simply to protect myself.  It's my right so I use it.  My boss knows that I do everything I can to keep my DM from interfering with my work, so I have never had a problem.  Of course, i do work in health care and there is a much better understanding and acceptance of en employee's illness.

No sick days ever for diabetes, although I've missed a few hours of school in the mornings before because of failed pump sites the night before.  This year I've had just 1 sick day, but that was only because I had a cold/virus. 

Wanted to...5


I've only taken one last year...but I was in the hospital.

I've also taken probably 2-3 days off this year for appointments and 1 day because I was sick.