How many times does this happen to you?

How many times does this happen to you?

You change your infusion set .. a few hours later you reach for your pump and for a split second are like "oh shit where is my pump" .. then you remember "ohh yeah other side.. there it is .. "

hahah Seems to happen to me alot

Good thing it can only be in one of two places!

that happens to me a lot as well...

The other day I wore a dress and I clipped my pump to the top underneath my armpit. My alarm went off during class and I couldn't figure out where it was for a second!


I keep so many things in my pockets, I usually end up trying to find the pump even if I am on the right side. Since sometimes I am wearing dress shirts I am just used to tossing my pump in my pockets. I am also guilty of killing pockets. It seems that apparently collectively between all I keep in my pockets I carry to much. One day I will have to list all I keep in my pants. It is quite amazing I think.

Brian, I want to know what you are carrying with you!? Is it really a necessity if you carry that much stuff? haha

Well in my pants today, in my right pocket, I currently have my Dexcom CGMS, pack of gum, room keys, and glucose tabs. In my left pocket, my pump, car keys, wallet, random change that has fallen out of my wallet, hearing aid battery, and a gum wrapper, granted you would think the gum wrapper is on the same side as the gum. Oh and my cell phone is on my desk right now, but it would be in the left hand pocket as well.

I think that you should get a sweet little fanny pack! I suggest throwing the gum wrapper away and why not put all keys together? haha

Brian, you need a purse!...  or perhaps a suitcase!  LOL

Hence why I kill pockets. The gum wrapper is gone though. The keys if I put them together become way to bulky and than I am stuck with an even bigger bulge in my pocket. I mean I could clip my pump to my side and put the dexcom in its case and clip it to the other side, but than I am just sticking stuff on the outside of my pockets. I just deal with it when I can. And that is why I have the nike sport bag, when I am out and about it doubles as my pockets. I will stick my keys and wallet usually in there.

So basically what you are trying to tell us is you carry around 500 keys on a daily basis!? :)

No, my one keychain has 5 keys and a square keychain, with my Irish Family history on it. The other is the Jesus Fish and it has my car remote and 6 keys on it as well.

Oh okay, well I guess that's alright. I like to limit the amount of keys I carry! 4 house keys and then my car key that takes up too much room.

Brian: Irish Heritage - what are the family surnames?

Being 50% Irish all from my dad, my Grandfather was a Quinn and my Grandmother is a McHugh.


Alyssa are you after my lucky charms??

Hahaha!!! It happens to me a lot when I'm sleeping.

I do that all the time and one day i was going to Six Flags so i stuck it in my sports bra underneath my arm and when i went to eat i forgot it was there and was freaking out bcs i thought i lost it on a ride lol

haha Brian that's hilarious.  Maybe you could clip your pump to your pants or something...?

Every time I change my pump I do this!!!!!! Glad to know I am not alone or losing my memory.